9 Fun and Romantic Things Every Long-Distance Couple Can Virtually Do to Celebrate Love’s Day

9 Fun and Romantic Things Every Long-Distance Couple Can Virtually Do to Celebrate Love's Day

9 Fun and Romantic Things Every Long-Distance Couple Can Virtually Do to Celebrate Love’s Day


Dear long distance lovers, don’t let this lover slip through your fingertips. When two hearts are one, no distance can make you feel empty. It really is about making some magical and beautiful memories that are the backbone of true love. So go on a virtual date and kiss over Skype or Zoom.

Virtual is a hipster cupid! It has favorably changed the definition of traditional dating in today’s world. Brave new virtual worlds can prove to be a riveting sight for long-distance lovers heartbroken by geographic separation. You might not be able to stroll through a fertile garden or steam by candlelight to encapsulate a whole lot of romance, but you can shape the sensuality with a virtual romantic adventure.

The latter definitely draws the same kind of warmth, blur, and butterfly, and once you’re virtually connected, you can reaffirm that connection. The possibilities are endless, so don’t give up on your fantasies, enter your Zoom password, try out these wonderful virtual creations, and cherish some priceless memories overwhelmed by ecstasy. So, here are nine virtual dating ideas you can use and make sure you have every setup balanced and straightened out. Any peripheral interruption (ahem, your phone) will make it invisible, unintentional, so you can focus on it.

virtual pillow talk

Get yourself a sip of powerful oxytocin, the love hormone with virtual pillow talk that fosters a sense of kindness and deepens your bond with your partner, even when you’re thousands of miles apart. Conversation is at the heart of great pillow talk, so focus on incorporating more warm language and avoid any self-censorship. Indulging in mindless conspiracy talk can amplify your desires and make you feel extremely connected to your partner.

virtual candle

Design an engaging virtual candlelight dinner as it is the most romantic and affectionate date a person can experience with their partner. Create a candlelit atmosphere that will help you cast meaningful intentions towards your partner. It will create a lovely mood with benign lighting. Still, make some equally mouthwatering food, make a cheese platter, and pour yourself some wine that might accompany your candlelight date and be with your beauties or beauties in your beautiful country (i.e. home ) devoured it in its quaint solitude.

psychic reading

It’s time to have a little fun exploring and connecting with your partner’s secret intuition about relationships with virtual tarot readings. Try not to take these readings too seriously, but a brief fortune-telling reading will make you both visionary and futuristic, and can lead both of you into a vibrant conversation about life goals, hopes, and dreams.

relax with art

It’s not just emoji and simple video chat. Getting creative with your partner is the elixir of life; it increases intimacy. So, assemble your brushes, easels and paints and get ready for an artistic moment. Drawing a canvas together will foster connection and bring your Bae closer. You don’t have to be a good artist, the agenda is to celebrate your self-expression, as well as your partner.

spooky virtual tour

Safari Panorama is for those who want to enjoy an adrenaline rush experience together. It’s fun to evoke an irrational fear when you’re together because it gives both of you the pleasure of seeing how faithful you and your partner are to each other in the toughest of times.

become a bartender

Taking a virtual bartending class from a digital bartender who can virtually guide you through your cocktail-making class is the most fun way to master an exciting long-distance drinking date. Making some unusual and strong cocktail drinks can be a great morale booster as it will enhance your camaraderie with your partner. So pour yourself a discreet drink and avoid overeating!

virtual campfire

You can organize a nature-themed virtual event to promote a captivating and captivating experience. Warm yourself with a little flickering light. Grab some cocoa and marshmallows and ask your partner – what negative thoughts do they want to burn off in the flame of the gem? Burn those evil thoughts and ideas that are detrimental to your relationship.

virtual nature walk

Time in wild nature reveals something real – and it’s invaluable. Take a romantic virtual walk in the woods together to connect with the enchanting nature, an “intimacy enhancer” that you should not miss! Navigate in calm demeanor and silence and conquer those inevitable steep slopes with great enthusiasm. A walk in virtual nature will help you “stop worrying about the potholes in your life and let you enjoy the infinite pleasure of your journey”.

Have a cup of sunrise coffee

An aphrodisiac, delicious coffee at sunrise is a wonderful bliss. Coffee is a great temptation to stimulate your emotions and sensual desires. This is for couples looking for a mate in the early morning for an emotional spin. If you want to give your lover a full-on hug the next morning after a perfect date night, you can virtually chat with your partner and brew a cup of coffee to sip. You can also try different mixes. With this, be totally nostalgic and reminisce your Valentine’s date night memories while witnessing the early morning sunrise.

(The author is a life coach)

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Posted on: Sun Feb 13, 2022 9:46AM IST

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