8 Fun & Hilarious Crowd Games for All Ages

8 Fun & Hilarious Crowd Games for All Ages

8 Fun & Hilarious Crowd Games for All Ages

Family get togethers are more fun with a friendly dose of competition! That’s why these family olympic games are a fun way to make memories that last a lifetime. These creative activities have a good mix of creativity and goofiness that are hilarious to play and to watch! 

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Family Olympic Games

This summer I went back home for a family reunion.

I can’t remember the last time we ALL gathered (I’m talking aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, spouses, kids, etc) and it did not disappoint! Over 40 people showed up at a lake resort in Minnesota for some R&R by the water, food, family Olympic games, and a few adult bevies of course (click here to for the light cocktail recipe I drank all weekend long).

Big kudos to my extremely creative mom for coming up with all these games. This was truly the highlight of our get-together and everyone had a complete BLAST! 

After so many direct messages on my Instagram account asking for the details of the games we played, I asked my momma to write them all out so you can recreate the fun for your family too! 

So without further ado, here are our family olympic games.

family reunion games

Most supplies were purchased at dollar store but may require some searching of out of season (for example: beach balls). 

Each game was awarded “points” and the team with the most points won. We awarded the winning team olympic medals that were made with ribbon and gold glitter scrapbook paper glued to cardboard circles along with small prize. 

Human Ring Toss

Supplies needed: 

  • 1 pool noodle per team (example: 5 teams 5 noodles)
  • duct tape

*Secure pool noodle into a ring shape with duct tape.

First team member steps out 3-4 feet from team members. Rules: he/she cannot move his/her feet but can shift their body to help the thrower. Second team member attempts to “ring toss” this team member.

If he/she is successful the “ringed” team member moves to the back of the line and the next 2 team members (one being thrower the other moving out to designated length) attempts to “ring” the member.  If unsuccessful, the “thrower” must retrieve the noodle and run back to starting line and attempt it again until he/she is successful.  First team to complete ALL players being the “thrower” wins.

Fly Swatter Golf

Fly Swatter Golf

Supplies needed:

  • 1 fly swatter per team (example: 5 teams 5 fly swatters)
  • plastic practice golf balls or similar

Determine a designated length of course.  Each team member swats plastic ball on ground until desired length of course then back to team. Next team member receives the swatter and completes the course.  First team to complete all members wins.

Solo Stack

Solo Cup Games

Supplies needed:

  • one stack of solo cups per team (example: 5 teams 5 stacks of solo cups)

*Take one of the solo cups and change its color. Paint, mark, or find an opposite solo cup color to add to stack.  Example: you should have a stack or red solo cups with one green cup or whatever color you chose.

Stack solo cups with the “colored” one at the bottom of the stack. Each team member runs to the tables of solo cups and stacks cups ONE AT A TIME until the colored cup is at the top. They then place the stack of cups back on the table and runs back to tag the next team member. First team to complete wins.

**We used tv tray tables every placed at certain length and stacked cups on those. (Example 5 teams 5 tray tables)

Diggers Delight

Supplies needed:

  • bags of popcorn kernels – equal amounts for each container (I used 3 bags for 5 teams)
  • 1 tall, narrow container per team* (example: 5 teams 5 containers)

*Remove 1 kernel for each team member and paint each kernel a different color. For example: if 5 on a team, 5 different colored kernels. (I used different spray paint colors, but nail polish or similar would work).

Pour all kernels in narrow tall container. Each team member is to run to desired course and find ONE of the colors and place outside of container. Rules: cannot dump out kernels. If kernels spill out they have to replace them back into the container prior to running back to next team member. First team to get all colored kernels out wins. 

** We used tv trays evenly placed at certain length and placed containers on those 

*Container suggestion: 4x4x5.5  or something similar

Cheerio Art

Cheerio Group Competition

Supplies needed:

  • 1 plastic shoe box size tote per team 
  • 1 floral foam per box
  • pipe cleaners (cut in half, one cleaner per member on team – 5 on a team, 5 cleaners)
  • Cheerios

*Cut floral foam to fit shoe box lengthwise and approx. 2” wide. Cut pipe cleaners in half and stick into foam evenly spaced for every team member on team.  Pour Cheerio’s into box.  

Each team member runs to the box and must stack Cheerios onto their pipe cleaner to the top using only one hand. Once completed, run back and tag next member to stack on their pipe cleaner. First team to complete all pipe cleaners wins.

**We used tv trays evenly spaced at certain length and placed container on those

Water Frisbee Fill

Family Olympic Frisbee Game

Supplies needed:

  • 1 frisbee per team
  • 1 large container filled with water per team (I used distilled water jugs – these are placed where all team members are lined up)
  • 1 tall narrow container at the end per team

Each team members fills frisbee with desired amount of water and runs to the end to pour the water into the container, being careful not to spill. The team member then sprints back to their team so the   next person can fill the frisbee with water and run to dump into the container. 

First team to fill the container at the end with water (to brim) wins

Beach Ball Race

Supplies needed:

  • 1 inflatable beach ball per team
  • 1 laundry basket per team

Two team members place ball between their back and lock elbows. Rules: they cannot touch the ball with their hands.  Pairs run to the laundry basket and drop ball with hands still secured behind their backs. If ball does not fall into the laundry basket, they are to “re-start” and attempt again from the beginning. When the ball falls into the basket, pick up ball and run back to give to the next two team members. If you have an odd number on your team, the last member will place ball between their knees and run to basket to drop there. First team to complete wins.

Frisbee Golf

Supplies needed:

  • 1 frisbee per team
  • 1 laundry basket per team

Place laundry basket at desired length. Each team member is to throw frisbee into laundry basket. If member miss the basket they are to run back to line and try again. When successful, they hand frisbee to next team member. First team to complete wins.

** this race took the longest to complete – laundry basket should be at an obtainable length.

So there it is – our family olympic games. Most definitely the most memorable part of our reunion with so many belly laughs! Throughout the vacation we also had a weekend scavenger hunt and a cornhole tournament too!

And for the grub, here are some great dishes to make and serve at any get together with friends or family. Try this Gluten Free Southwest Pasta Salad, Whole30 Bacon Enchilada Jalapeño Poppers, Layered Cold Taco Salad, and this chilled Vegan & Paleo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake with Cocoa Crust.



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