7 Stunning Bridal Shower Nail Designs

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7 Stunning Bridal Shower Nail Designs

7 Stunning Bridal Shower Nail Designs

You want to make sure your nails are gorgeous for your bridal shower. You took all of those engagement ring photos and put them on your social media. Now it is time to show off your engagement ring. Having beautiful nails for your bridal shower will make showing off your engagement ring even better!

Why should you have stunning bridal shower nails?

Your nails are just as important as you hair, make up and outfit. They complete the look. It is a good thing because your nails will be the co star of the main attraction- the ring! In order to show off your beautiful engagement ring, your have should be complemented with beautiful bridal shower nails.

Bridal Shower Nails 6

Bridal Shower Nails For The Bride And Guests

Not the bride to be? That doesn’t mean you’re exempt from your nails is in superb shape. You could get your nails dolled up for the occasion. you that your nails will look fabulous while holding your drink at the mimosa bar.

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Generally, bridal shower nails reflect spring colors, pastels and floral. They could also be bright glittery and nude. It all depends on your style and taste. This article will show some interesting designs that were inspired by the spring theme.

It does not matter if you are the bride to be, the bridesmaid or a guest enjoying the party, these bridal shower nail styles will be perfect for you. Here are the best bridal shower nails of 2021.

Bright Colors

Bridal Shower Nails

Bright colors are beautiful for a bridal shower. If you are the bride and wearing a white dress, it will be nice to have some nails that really pop. I like this color and design because it really catches the eye.


I like butterflies because they are a perfect representation of the spring season. But Butterflies have a really deep meaning. In Christianity, butterflies are a symbol of hope and they are recognized during the Easter season.

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Bridal Shower Nails 1

They are also the perfect design for your nails. I like the styles found here. You could get really creative with butterflies. Look at how this artist used the beaut of butterflies on her nails. It would be perfect for a bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Nails 7

This is a very creative butterfly design. I like that it is a mixture of artwork and jewels.

Bridal Shower Nails 2

I even got some butterfly designs back in May. They just make the warm weather even better!


Flowers are always appropriate at a bridal shower. Having them on your nails get you extra points! They are a beautiful decor on your nails. Flower bridal shower nails could derive from stickers or real flowers.

Bridal Shower Nails 3

These are real dried flowers. The colors look so natural. a real piece of art! There are milk bath flower nail tutorials here.


Little crystal and costume jewels are becoming more popular in nail designs. They make great accents to your engagement ring. Here are some examples of bejeweled style nails

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Bridal Shower Nails 4

The best thing about using jewels for your bridal shower nails is that a little goes a long way. They add such detail to the nails, it is bound to stand out.

Bridal Shower Nails 5

Having a large jewel design on one nail does a lot for nail decor. It makes a statement. Like this mixture of pastels and turquoise topped off with a bejeweled ring finger.


Glitter and shimmer are stapled styles for bridal shower nails. It is girly and chic and a good way to make yourself sparkle.

bridal shower nails

I like silver glitter especially on top of a bold color like these pink nails. They are girly and fierce at the same time!


Show of that engagement ring with some fabulous nails! There are so many styles and colors to choose from. The most popular are flower, butterflies, bright colors and glitter.

What color will your nails be for your bridal shower?

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