7 Great Places to Buy Personalized Photo Gifts for Valentine’s Day

7 Great Places to Buy Personalized Photo Gifts for Valentine's Day

7 Great Places to Buy Personalized Photo Gifts for Valentine’s Day


You probably have at least one photo of someone special in your life that reminds you of a particularly memorable moment or event. Well, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, why not turn this photo into a special keepsake your loved one can proudly display – and continue to enjoy for many years to come? These personalized photo gifts are easy to order and ship quickly.

Creating a photo album from your favorite photo collection is the perfect gift for a loved one… [+] They will cherish for many years.


There are several online services that allow you to upload your favorite photo directly from the screen of your computer or mobile device and design high-quality products or souvenirs based on that photo. Within days of placing your order, products such as customizable coffee mugs, puzzles, iPhone cases, t-shirts, framed prints, blankets or canvas prints are shipped directly to your door, ready to gift.

Making one-of-a-kind photo products is easier and cheaper than you might think, and many of them are designed to be treasured for years or decades. Let’s take a look at some professional photo services that can turn your photos into stunning and memorable gifts that recipients will truly cherish after Valentine’s Day is over.

Shutterfly has hundreds of professional photo projects

You can access Shutterfly using your computer’s web browser, or download and install the mobile app. From there, simply upload your favorite photos to the service, and right from your screen, create any of hundreds of high-quality and fully customized photo products that will be your Valentine’s Day (or any occasion’s perfect gift).

This Valentine’s Day, check out these five great photo gift options your special someone will love, especially if you incorporate personal information into products that already display your favorite images.

Customizable coffee mugs that display up to three photos

Choose up to three images you want to display on your custom 11-ounce or 15-ounce coffee mug, then choose between eight accent colors. Mugs can be shipped in an optional gift box. As with any item on the Shutterfly website, select the product you want to customize and click the Personalize button. This special cup is for hot drinks. On the Shutterfly website, you’ll find several other styles of mugs and water bottles to choose from. Plus, there’s an option for expedited shipping if you wait until the last minute.

The beauty of Shutterfly is that it consistently delivers high-quality products, its turnaround time is fast, the company offers a “no questions asked” return or exchange policy, and it’s so easy to design custom products. Additionally, around each holiday, Shutterfly publishes promo codes (displayed on the site’s homepage or emailed to subscribers) that offer free shipping or great discounts on your purchases.

Turn your photo into a heart-shaped puzzle

Choose your favorite photo, add a personal message, and let Shutterfly turn your creation into a 50-piece keepsake puzzle made from 1/8-inch-thick cardboard stock with a glossy finish. The heart itself is 9 inches in diameter, and the puzzle consists of pieces cut into six different shapes. Relationships can be puzzling, but this puzzle is the perfect solution for a thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Framed photo collages will look great on any table or wall

Putting a single 5″ x 7″ (or 8″ x 10″) photo into a frame is a breeze, but Shutterfly lets you create unique collages of six different photos, add special messages and graphics, and then Creations are printed on canvas and then framed to create a very special keepsake. There is a folding easel on the back of the frame, so the frame can be supported on a table or any flat surface or can be easily hung on any wall.

Print your favorite images on custom iPhone cases

Anyone can customize their iPhone’s lock screen and home screen with their favorite photos. However, it is also possible to create a durable smartphone case for a specific iPhone model and have it display 1 to 12 photos, with optional monograms or messages. Each case is made of tough polycarbonate plastic, and the photos printed on it are finished in a matte finish.

Photo collages offer an alternative to framed printing

Shutterfly is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, starting with a 5″ x 7″ rectangle to print your favorite image (or image collage) onto aluminum with a glossy finish. You can display it at home without traditional framing to provide a modern look that matches any room decor. Each tile arrives ready to hang and will last for decades without fading. Available tile shapes include square, rectangle or hexagon. Mix and match tile shapes and sizes to create a unique wall display, showcase some photos, or simply hang a tile to draw attention to a specific image.

Fracture elegantly prints digital images on glass

Priced between $25 and $145, take your favorite image and print it on glass, then hang it on the wall without using a traditional frame. This creates a truly elegant and modern way to present images. Fracture offers square or rectangular glass prints in various sizes. Product arrives at your door to hang.

When images are printed on glass, the colors appear more vibrant than when the same image is printed on photo paper, and the ink never fades. Some images even look more multi-dimensional with greater depth perspective.

While you’ll need to pay a little extra to use Fracture to create your glass prints, the company does all the work by hand, so the final product offers great craftsmanship that will make your photos look great. Glass prints of unforgettable images are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for parents, grandparents or loved ones. (Yes, these images are made of glass, so they are not suitable to hang in, for example, a toddler’s bedroom.)

Print your favorite photos on metal canvas

Another equally amazing alternative to printing your favorite digital images on glass is to print them on metal. This looks very elegant on any wall, doesn’t require a traditional picture frame, and uses a print process that won’t fade to bring out the vibrant colors and details in the image.

If you choose to print images on glass or metal, use a company that specializes in this service. While Fracture’s specialty is making prints on glass, as its MetalPrints.com name suggests, the company specializes in making metal prints in square or rectangular shapes in over 60 sizes.

Prices start at just $21.50 (4″ x 5″ metal print), but can go up significantly depending on the size and shape you choose. However, MetalPrints.com currently offers customers a 25% discount on their first order.

Metal prints are unique in that they can also be displayed in traditional frames, floating frames, or a variety of other ways – all of which will turn the digital photo into a piece of art that the recipient can proudly hang on their walls .

Besides printing the image on glass or metal, a third option is to print the image on acrylic. It is a clear plastic material with a very modern look that can be hung on the wall without the need for a traditional frame. Which material you choose (glass, metal or plastic) is a matter of personal preference. Everything looks great.

Display image collections with albums

There are many companies, including most one-hour photo labs, that will collect your favorite digital images and create professionally printed and bound photo books from them. However, few companies (like Blurb) specialize in this service and pride themselves on offering quality products.

Using Blurb’s free software, start by selecting a set of images, use templates to lay out each page of the album, and choose from a variety of cover, binding, trim size, and paper quality options. Creating and publishing with Blurb will ultimately become unique photo keepsakes that people will appreciate for many years to come.

Whether you want to create a small size soft cover photo album, or a larger size hardcover using high-quality paper to replicate the most elegant coffee table book, Blurb can make it happen at an affordable price. The price of each photo album depends on the cover Type, crop size, binding options, paper quality, and the number of pages you choose to include in the album.

Stay warm inside and out with these photo blankets

Choose from 1 to 25 of your favorite images and print them on warm and cozy blankets, baby blankets or oversized blankets made from your choice of wool, sherpa or woven fabric. Made of 100% cotton, the woven fabric with fringed edges is perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you choose this style, you can display one to eight of your favorite photos on the blanket. The images are woven into the blanket itself – not printed on it. Collage Photo Blanket offers a variety of themed templates that you can use to design a photo blanket and the final product will be something the recipient will love wrapping themselves.

Display a photo in a custom-engraved locket

What better way to remember the moments captured in two photos than by hanging them around your neck in a beautiful custom-engraved gold box? Pictures On Gold uses a color laser printing process to reproduce photos with crystal-clear precision, while delivering a piece of jewelry that could easily become a family heirloom.

This company specializes in all kinds of photo-engraved jewelry, but the heart-shaped locket is certainly one of the most appropriate options for Valentine’s Day.

Your image looks 3D when it’s a crystal photo

Choose your favorite photo and computer laser-etch it into a plastic cube, giving the image a 3D stereoscopic effect, especially when displayed on the illuminated base provided. Have photos displayed horizontally or vertically and choose between five cube sizes. Items ordered will ship within 36 hours, so if you waited until the last minute to come up with something original and memorable, it’s a viable Valentine’s Day gift with overnight or next day shipping choose.

Convert any image to large canvas print

Instead of printing a digital image on photo paper and then framing it, another option is to create a gallery-quality canvas print in the size of your choice. CanvasWorld.com will take one of your digital images (or a collection of them) and turn it into art that can be proudly displayed on any wall. Choose between several single-image or multi-image collage formats. All orders arrive ready to hang and ship within two business days.

Each piece is made in the USA, starting with the highest quality canvas, then imprinted using a six-color wide gamut press with 10,560 nozzles…

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