7 Funny Mother’s Day Memes That Even Mom Will Find Hilarious

7 Funny Mother’s Day Memes That Even Mom Will Find Hilarious

7 Funny Mother’s Day Memes That Even Mom Will Find Hilarious

What do you get for the mom who has everything? Flowers? Wine? How about some good and wholesome memes. If your mom has finally turned in her flip phone for a smartphone, help her make up for her late start to meme life with some funny Mother’s Day memes. Flowers die and wine is overdone, but a mother can never have enough memes.

Of course, you should also give your mom a gift or, at the very least, a card. If your mom has a sense of humor — I mean, she raised you, so she must, right? — there are plenty of funny Mother’s Day gifts to tell your mom how much she means in a much less saccharine way. Expand her vocabulary with some new slang flashcards. Encourage her Candy Crush habit with this extremely apropos Candy Crush Champion mug. And if you must get wine, at least get this “I’m not a regular mom. I’m a Cool Mom” wine label.

However, a meme is the gift that keeps on giving. Your mom will be able to share this good, good meme with her friends, family, and the random Facebook friends she keeps acquiring. Here are some Mother’s Day memes your mom will love but be warned: she will definitely ask you how she can share them with her group texts.

*Tries To Enlarge Images That Doesn’t Enlarge*

You know that mom squint; the one where her whole face contorts and her mouth moves up to the side of her face. Yes, that one.

For The Mother Who Cannot Name A Celebrity To Save Her Life

We stan Carmina Portabello!

The True Power Of A Mother

Mother Earth said to knock it off already.

We Have It At Home

If your childhood is haunted by missed opportunities on account of your mother telling you that for whatever cool and awesome thing that you wanted, she could assure you had one just like it at home — this meme really speaks to you.

What Personal Space

Our collective dignity has left the chat.

The True Test Of Mother’s Love

For a bonus gift, ask your mom what she’d do if you turned into a worm and see if she too would make you a comfortable worm cage.


It’s a snack for grown-ups only.

To All The Moms Who Had To Figure Out How To Evenly Divide A Single Piece Of Candy

Consider this meme an apology from you and your siblings.

For The Dog Moms Out There

She’s not mad. Just disappointed.

You Taught Me

Why spend money on eating out? There’s plenty of stale bread and hard cheese at home.

Pay Up, Money Bags

Guilty as charged. This meme is spot on.

She Gets It

Some moms are just are fluent in their kids and it’s totally amazing to watch. Whether it’s trying to decode what they’re saying, or just simply looking at their kids and understanding how they feel, it’s truly a gift.

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