59 Fundraising Ideas for your Music Booster Group

money roll 100

59 Fundraising Ideas for your Music Booster Group

money roll 100

Fundraising is a fact of life for most music booster organizations. Everyone is always looking for a newer, better, easier way to raise the money their child’s music program needs. While not an exhaustive list, I hope this post may be a great way to spark your own imagination. Consider your program’s unique situation, and choose the best fundraisers for your group.

If you have ideas I haven’t mentioned, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add them to the master list! A word of warning: Be sure to check the laws where you live. Some states do not allow raffles; others allow them but restrict the types and dollar value of prizes.

Good luck!


  1. Sell candy.
  2. Sell fruit.
  3. Sell popcorn.
  4. Sell wrapping paper.
  5. Hold a garage or yard sale.
  6. Sell plants in the spring.
  7. Sell cut flowers for Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day.
  8. Sell daffodil or tulip bulbs for planting in the fall.
  9. Host a craft or home-based vendor show.
  10. Sell scrips (gift cards).
  11. Host a party to sell merchandise by home-based businesses (Scentsy, Pampered Chef, jewelry, etc.).
  12. Sell scratch cards or local coupon books (Entertainment book, etc.).
  13. Sell hoagies (homemade or by local sandwich shop).
  14. Compile and sell a cookbook.
  15. Host an Iron Chef fundraiser.
  16. Host a chili or soup cook off.
  17. Throw a BBQ.
  18. Host a pancake breakfast.
  19. Host a spaghetti dinner
  20. Host a soup sale
  21. Schedule a play-a-thon, practice-a-thon, rock-a-thon, march-a-thon, etc.: have donors sponsor students to participate.
  22. Host a bake sale
  23. Sell holiday pies
  24. Throw a burger bash (bonus points for including a signature ingredient, like grilled onions!)
  25. Set up a lemonade stand at a local event.
  26. Volunteer to staff a concession stand, either at your high school or a professional sports stadium
  27. Host a baked potato bar at a chilly fall event.
  28. Hold a 50/50 raffle.*
  29. Raffle off cash, gift cards, or prizes.*
  30. Raffle off a chance to conduct the ensemble.
  31. Have a car wash.
  32. Better still, add a dog wash to your car wash!
  33. Build a sponsorship package for local businesses to support your organization: sell ad space in all your program books, and banner space at your events. Include tickets to your performances and maybe even a tee shirt!
  34. Host a golf outing.
  35. Host a miniature golf outing!
  36. Recruit faculty and staff members and host a “Dancing with the Staff” competition: sell tickets, colored tees for each team, and have people vote by stuffing ballot boxes with cash!
  37. Host a car show. Better still, tie it in with a chili cook off, bake sale, or jazz band play-a-thon.
  38. Organize a 5K.
  39. Throw a carnival!
  40. Host a benefit event like a show or concert.
  41. Sponsor a coffee & dessert bar while soloists & ensembles perform
  42. Host a marching band, color guard, or indoor percussion competition
  43. Organize a talent show.
  44. For hardy souls, try a polar plunge! http://firstgiving.per.fm/plunge-ebook/
  45. Work with a local restaurant to schedule nights where the establishment offers 10-20% of profits to your organization.
  46. Host a “Band night” at a pumpkin patch or Christmas tree lot (this would be a great place to offer your baked potato bar!)
  47. http://forum.saxontheweb.net/showthread.php?84042-Fundraising-ideas-for-the-school-band
  48. Organize a penny drive.
  49. Organize a friendly competition with a rival school across town (Norwin v. Kiski)
  50. Auction off the talents and services of your students and families. http://www.jubed.com/youth_ministry/view/Worker-Auction/?s=22
  51. Sell poinsettia, wreath or xmas tree sales
  52. Sell Easter lilies
  53. Collect Christmas trees for disposal.
  54. Sell luminarias.
  55. Sell or auction off singing or playing valentines (Continue year-round for birthdays!)
  56. Go caroling for cash: prearrange locations by collecting advance donations, and collect from bystanders as well!)
  57. Use ProBueno.com to trade talents for donations.
  58. Consider an online fundraising campaign.
  59. Retail Benefits: earn donations every time your supporters shop online!












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