5 top stocks to give to loved ones this year


5 top stocks to give to loved ones this year


Valentine’s Day is here and people are splurging on gifts. When choosing a gift for your loved one, in addition to sending roses and chocolates, you can also consider something that will have value in the long run. One option might be a financial gift in the form of stock.

Here are 5 stocks suggested by Ravi Singh, VP and Head of Research at Share India, that you can give away to your partners:

1) ONGC – 62% increase in natural gas prices by the Indian government will boost the company’s profitability.

Rising crude prices, coupled with a modest 5-7% increase in the company’s production, could push its EBITDA higher next year. We estimate the company’s debt-to-EBITDA ratio will rise to around 1.6x to 1.9x during this period. Technically, most indicators such as MA, RSI, MACD and Stochastic are showing an uptrend on the daily chart. We expect ONGC to grow by 20% until next Valentine’s Day.

2) Gail – Higher sales across segments underpinned higher earnings due to higher marketing margins due to higher gasoline prices, which could boost Gail next year. Increased natural gas consumption underpins transmission volumes, which should further strengthen profits. On the daily chart, Gail stock’s 200-day moving average supports a buying trend. Also, the RSI is in lower territory, so we expect Gail to gain around 10%-15% in the near term.

3) HDFC Bank – Strong capitalization, enhanced liquidity, reduced non-performing assets and strong earnings make HDFC Bank a good choice for you to invest in your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

4) TCS – The technology sector in general is in a strong position due to a stronger dollar, digitization and improved business growth (expected to continue next year as well). TCS stock is trading above the mean with the upper band facing north, indicating higher prices. Analyzing recent volume price action, volume has been encouraging the recent uptrend, suggesting that strong players have started to build up inventories at current levels.

5) SBI – Currently, in stocks, all duration MAs such as 25 DMA, 50 DMA, 100 DMA and 200 DMA are quickly confirming possible positive momentum. Additionally, the RSI, MACD, ADX are trading within the comfort zone, indicating bullishness for the stock. We expect the stock to outperform over the next few months as well, with a possible long-term move towards the 650 level.

The opinions and recommendations above are those of an individual analyst or brokerage firm and not those of Mint.

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