42 Weird Romance to Read Now

42 Weird Romance to Read Now

42 Weird Romance to Read Now


In the past few years, queer literature has become more mainstream than ever.like a novel by casey mcquiston red, white and royal blue with Samantha Shannon’s Orange Tree Abbey Taking over group chats for book lovers, it seems like a new must-read LGBTQIA+ book hits bookstores every month. All of this might give you the impression that these novels are informative and easy to find, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

In many ways, queer romance is still finding its footing.While there are more than a few classic novels with LGBTQIA+ plots and subplots – such as Camilla, Portrait of Dorian Gray, Well of Solitude, orlando, quantum dots, Harlem House, Giovanni’s roomand price of salt, to name a few—until recently, the happy life of queer and trans couples was rare. Although publishing has come a long way, it still has a long way to go. Thankfully, you can help it by supporting queer books, starting with romance novels from the 2010s and 20s.

Below, 40 of the best queer love books to read right now.

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hanging moon

from the author written in the stars coming hanging moon, a story about the difference between your favorite romantic comedy and reality. The story follows a man who learns that his sister’s best friend, a bisexual woman named Annie, doesn’t believe in love — and sets out to prove her wrong. Taking notes from his favorite romantic comedies, he tries to woo her…and quickly learns that life is not like a movie.


check twice

Lucy Bexley check twice is a delightfully weird Christmas romance. The story begins when Hal agrees to plan a friend’s wedding, knowing it will lead to a conflict with Sasha, an old high school sweetheart. Hal couldn’t help but notice the spark between the two of them, but Sasha wasn’t about to stay in town longer than she had to—at least not yet.


Delilah Green doesn’t care

Another romance centered on a hometown wedding, Delilah Green doesn’t care Follow the eponymous heroine back to Bright Falls, where she agrees to film her stepsister’s wedding.After learning her nemesis – her stepsister’s best friend Claire – is still in town and single, Delilah decides to have some fun before she leaves. But Claire built her business and family in Bright Falls, and she bet she could convince Delilah to stay.


It’s an epic love story

Sparks fly when Nate’s childhood bestie Ollie returns to town. It didn’t take long for Florence — Nate’s ex and now best friend — to notice their chemistry and decide they were meant to be. But first, she has to convince Nate to give Love a chance.


How to find the princess

The second novel in Alyssa Cole’s Runaway Royals series follows Makeda, a young woman who has just lost her job. and Her girlfriend — and has absolutely no time to deal with a subpoena from the African nation of Ibaranja, or to relive her grandmother’s romance with Prince Ibaranja. Enter Bez, an investigator of the World Federation of Monarchies, whose job is to bring Makeda to Ibarania at all costs. One-bed hijinks ensue as Makeda and Bez find themselves in an unlikely affair.


Wish you all the best

18-year-old Ben is forced to move in with his married sister Hannah and her husband Thomas (who Ben has never met) when their parents kick them out of the house for non-binary sex. Now, Ben has a lot to do: as they get to know Hannah and Thomas better, they’re also grappling with issues in therapy and trying to find their place at their new school – no one knows where they’re right or wrong binary. Fortunately, Ben soon became friends with Nathan, a fun and popular student whose goal was to help Ben make the most of their senior year. But was Ben willing to risk another round of chaos in exchange for a chance at happiness when their friendship started to grow richer?


May the best man win

Lucas thinks he’ll finish high school next to his long-term significant other. But that was before Jeremy came out, started the transition and dumped Lucas last summer.Now, Lucas is not only single, but he – the leader of the football team and Homecoming Committee – Take on the homecoming king with his former cheerleader Jeremy. They might be able to compete in a friendly rivalry, but will their lingering feelings for each other get in the way?


a real me and you

from the author disaster and spell hack This contemporary romance about two young men emerges – a gay writer who is figuring out her gender identity, and a secretive gay beauty queen who loves all the craze – when their hotels host both They met at a conference and a beauty pageant.


Cheer Up: Love and Pom Poms

This romantic graphic novel tells the story of two high school students, Annie and BeeBee, whose childhood friendship blossoms anew before growing into something more. Annie needed another school event to really make her college application shine, so she reluctantly joined the cheerleading squad. There, she became close to her longtime friend BeeBee, a trans girl whose parents demanded that she excel in school if she wanted to continue the transition. Come for the sweet high school romance and stay for the grumpy one/sunny one trope.


stage dream

Another graphic novel, Melanie Gilman’s stage dream Centered on Flor, a Latino highway robber who stumbles upon Grace after running over her stagecoach. As a transgender fugitive from Georgia, Grace may just be Flor’s new meal coupon — assuming her family will pay the ransom. But when Grace agrees to help Flor with an anti-Federal heist, Flor begins to wonder if kidnapping Grace was really the best move.



YA sports romances are all the rage right now, and AL Graziadei’s icebreaker A must read for any fan of the subgenre. The story here centers on a pair of college hockey players who find themselves vying for a spot in the NHL. In the NHL’s record books with his father and grandfather, Mickey has a legacy to uphold — but his talented, handsome teammate Jason is also vying for the No. 1 pick, and Mickey feels like he’s fighting an uphill battle.As the boys’ rivalry develops into a romance, Mickey must decide what exactly he wants his future to look like


great stuff

boyfriend material Author Alexis Hall returns to store shelves in 2022 great stuff, A historical romance about the romantic entanglement of a prudent duke and a pair of adventurous twins. After Miss Arabella Tarleton escapes from an arranged marriage, her twin brother Bonavener coaxes Arabella’s fiancé – Valentine Leighton, Duke of Malvern – into a romantic move, sure will win her back. However, when they took off after Arabella, Valentine found himself in love with the wrong Tarleton.



Sebastian suspects a foul when his best friend Kelly goes missing. So after he struck up a conversation with Kelly — Kelly’s replacement, Vesper, received a threatening letter — he set about doing a job the local police refused to take on. But Vespa is hiding something, a secret that could ruin them all as he and Sebastian grow closer.


I am so (not) more than you

When Hudson contacts him out of the blue, Kian makes himself wish his ex-boyfriend wanted a second chance. Instead, Hudson asked Kian pretend Be his boyfriend at family dinners. Kian agrees, but when things go awry, the two realize they’ll be a fake date for the foreseeable future. Unless, that is, they start actually dating.


henna wars

When coming out doesn’t go as planned, Nishat finds herself pretending to be outspoken in order to keep her family in the good graces – a feat made more difficult when she reunites with childhood friend Flávia. Nishat has largely crushed Flávia, and even their new competition — running a competitive henna business for school projects — didn’t add fuel to the fire.


you should see me wearing a crown

Asexual representations can be hard to find in literature, but Leah Johnson’s you should see me wearing a crown is an amazing example of an ace romance done right. Meet Liz, a working-class black girl living in a wealthy white-majority town. She has ambitions to go to medical school, and has successfully entered her dream school. But when she lost financial aid, Liz was forced to throw her crown into the prom queen ring—a title that came with a generous scholarship. She’s determined to win, but will falling in love with her charming new opponent make Liz change her mind?


let’s talk about love

When Alice shows up as asexual, her girlfriend leaves her, breaking her plans for the perfect summer and throwing her into a panic. Alice threw herself into her work at the local library after she swore her love. But she couldn’t deny her feelings for her new colleague and had to decide whether it was worth the risk to come out again.


love and other disasters

exist love and other disasters, the two reality show rivals are starting to get hot.London is the first Chef’s Special Participants come in as non-binary, so they have a lot of people to prove themselves wrong and can’t get distracted. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Dahlia – the clumsy divorcee who cooks at the station next to London Station – is a big distraction. Their mutual attraction is as strong as their culinary chops, but with less competition, will their desire to win trump love?


between the lines

sapphire You’ve got mail Born for the 21st century? Yes, please! between the lines Follow Rosie and Brie – the bookstore owner and the romance novelist she flirts with online. Rosie is Brie’s biggest fan, but she doesn’t know one very important thing about her would-be girlfriend: Brie is actually Jane Breslin, the real estate developer who just terminated her bookstore lease.


meet cute diary

Noah Ramirez’s online reputation has been on the rise since his viewers learned that his blog’s supposedly real trans love stories, the titular “Meet the Cutie Diary,” were fake. a mess. With his career in jeopardy, Noah has two options: admit he wrote the stories himself, or figure out a way to convince his audience that those happy memories are real. Unwilling to admit the truth, Noah decides to fabricate a new, bigger lie – his own false romance, known as the True Deal. His partner-in-crime, Drew, is willing to help him do whatever it takes to save “Meet the Cutie Diary,” but what happens when a fake date turns into a real relationship?

twenty one

girl from the sea

In this graphic novel by Molly Knox Ostertag, 15-year-old Morgan’s life is turned upside down when she is rescued from drowning by the mysterious Kelty. It didn’t take long for the two to fall in love with each other — and learn each other’s secrets.

twenty two

Felix Forever

exist Felix Forever, Stonewall and Lambda award-winning author Kacen Callender tells the story of Felix: a black trans boy desperate to find that special someone but worried it wasn’t meant to be. When he finds himself targeted by an anonymous transgender bully online, Felix hatches a plan for revenge – but soon finds himself struggling in a very different situation.

twenty three

change your mind

Erin needs a fake date to keep the family away from her, and actor Stephen is just the right person for the job. However, fake dating with real chemistry is a dangerous game, and it’s about to backfire on these two girl friends…

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