40 Mistletoe Puns For Captions That’ll Make For A Very Merry Kissmas

40 Mistletoe Puns For Captions That'll Make For A Very Merry Kissmas

40 Mistletoe Puns For Captions That’ll Make For A Very Merry Kissmas

It’s the dreamy scene you see so often in holiday movies. The couple you’re rooting for are minding their own business and having a casual conversation. Then, all of a sudden, someone yells out, “You’re standing under the mistletoe!” That’s when the couple goes in for a romantic kiss. *Swoons.* As stereotypical as this may be, I love a good mistletoe scene in the movies and in real life. When you find yourself living out your very own Christmas rom-com moment with bae, you’ll want to remember it with an Instagram picture, paired with one of these mistletoe puns for captions.

I may be happily single, but cuffing season is all too real and has got me good this year. As I watch yet another holiday rom-com, I’m finding myself humming Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” and on the quest to find love. Though, you don’t need anyone else for a cute AF Instagrammable moment. Instead, snap a pic patiently waiting underneath the mistletoe for your Christmas crush to get the hint. Make it extra sweet with just the right caption.

Just as cheesy as mistletoe moments can be, you’ll want to use any of these 40 corny (but cute) puns. From me to you, I hope you have a very Merry Kissmas.

1. “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s some mistletoe, so kiss me maybe?”

2. “Waiting to kiss you under the mistletoad.”

3. “Whale you kiss me under the mistletoe?”

4. “Sia under the mistletoe.”

5. “Join me, and together, we can stand under the mistletoe.”

6. “All I want for Christmas is ewe.”

7. “I mistletold you not to stand there.”

8. “Kiss me beneath the mistletoe.”

9. “Just having some holiday eggsnog.”

10. “Getting mistletoned for the holidays.”

11. “We wish you a Merry Kissmas.”

12. “I think I mug be in love under the mistletoe.”

13. “We’re mint to be under the mistletoe.”

14. “Kiss my tulips.”

15. “Don’t leaf me hanging under the mistletoe.”

16. “Don’t be afraid to take a whisk this Christmas, and hang up some mistletoe.”

17. “All I want for Kissmas is you.”

18. “You’re a treemendous kisser.”

19. “Ain’t nobody got thyme for mistletoe.”

20. “Sleighing Christmas under the mistletoe with you.”

21. “Hey bae, what’s hanging?”

22. “Mistletoe, u up?”

23. “I’d like to spend more thyme with you this holiday season. Perhaps, under the mistletoe?”

24. “If you’re standing under the mistletoe, we’re rooting for you to kiss.”

25. “You’re looking succ-cute-lent in your Christmas sweater.”

26. “I mistle-totally want to kiss you”

27. “Mistletoe be or Mistletoe not to be?”

28. “I do be-leaf in Christmas.”

29. “I like you berry much.”

30. “You are berry cute under the mistletoe.”

31. “Be-leaf in your elf.”

32. “Love you from my head to my mistletoes.”

33. “It would be mistle-totally rad to kiss you this Christmas.”

34. “Cookie, do you love me? Are you sleigh riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from under the mistletoe.”

35. “I love you berry much.”

36. “Merry Christmas mistletoe you.”

37. “I’ll miss-letoe you this Christmas.”

38. “I mistletold Santa that all I want for Christmas is you.”

39. “Feeling a bit under the mistletoe.”

40. “I like hanging out with you this Christmas.”

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