4 College Student Halloween Gift Boxes

4 College Student Halloween Gift Boxes

4 College Student Halloween Gift Boxes

Halloween on a college campus is a time of energy and excitement. As the first holiday of the fall semester many students are ready for a break from the daily routine and look to Halloween as a time to celebrate, socialize, and enjoy the holiday. These four college student Halloween gift boxes are great options to send to your student away at college and give them a little extra holiday cheer.

Halloween Study Box

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to just consist of costumes and candy. Students that would rather celebrate during their studies will love a Halloween study box. Items included could be Halloween themed stationary, pencils, and sticky notes. These items can be used throughout the month of October and will bring some holiday cheer to otherwise mundane reading or study sessions.

Halloween NotepadsEvery year it seems the bargain bins are flooded with Halloween pads and other stationary items. These are perfect gifts for a college student because they’re always taking notes and needing to jot things down. This Halloween notepad set is the perfect size for taking notes while reading or leaving reminders in a notebook or planner. They add a little holiday flair without being too loud and are a good way to spice up the regular study sessions.

Fun Express Wooden Skull & Crossbones PencilsIn addition to Halloween notepads there’s also no shortage of pencils. While they make a great trick-r-treat item instead of candy, they’re also a fun way to add holiday spirit to your college student’s workload. These skull and crossbones pencils are a low-key way to celebrate the holiday during class and in their dorm during homework sessions.

Cute Halloween Post-itSticky notes are a great study tool for both getting work done and celebrating the holiday. These stick markers are sticky page flags that come in a variety of ghosts and would be great for marking pages, flagging notes, or just adding to a planner or calendar.

Autumn Celebration Box

Halloween comes at the end of October and it may not be every college student’s favorite holiday. For those that enjoy autumn but not necessarily Halloween this autumn celebration box is a good choice. Item to include could be a nice cozy sweater or new jacket, thick socks for the chilly weather, and an assortment of hot cocoa.

Sweater Weather Pull Over HoodieAs the days get shorter they also grow cooler, many students are missing their cold weather gear. In preparation for moving, so many college students don’t bring a whole year’s worth of clothing to campus with them. A great item to include in an autumn celebration box is a new sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket. This will add to their wardrobe and give them something new to enjoy as the mornings and nights get chilly.

Thick socksTeeHee Boot Socks are also a must on any college campus, whether they’re enjoyed in the dorm room or inside winter boots. Many students are replacing their flip flops with sneakers and boots are soon to follow by Halloween. Including a pair of new thick socks in the autumn celebration box will get them excited about the prospects of cooler weather.

Two Rivers Hot Cocoa Sampler PackAnother treat to enjoy the beginning of autumn is hot cocoa. Now that fall is here it’s time to celebrate with steaming mugs and retire the tumbler cups and iced beverages. A hot cocoa sampler is a fun way to celebrate and share the holiday spirit with friends or throughout the day on campus.

Scary Movie Marathon Box

For those classic Halloween loving college students a scary movie marathon box is the best holiday gift. Providing everything one would need to host a successful movie marathon will get your student excited for the holiday and ready to celebrate with friends.

horror movie collectionOf course to have a scary movie marathon you’ll need some movies. There are several DVD collections available which covers from classic horror all the way to modern films. You won’t have any trouble finding a pack of movies for your student and will give them the perfect line up for their movie night.

What’s a movie night without candy? Halloween is the top holiday for candy and you should definitely include a bag or two of assorted candy in the movie marathon box. Halloween candy is always good in a dorm room, from sharing with friends to including in a backpack or tote bag for long days on campus. Many students won’t treat themselves to candy from the store and it’s great to receive it as a gift.

movie theater popcornLastly, it wouldn’t be a movie without popcorn. Most college dorms have a microwave, which makes movie theater butter popcorn still possible. Including a few packs will ensure that your student has a great night in and will get the full movie theater experience.

Pumpkin Carving Box

Another classic way to celebrate Halloween is with pumpkin carving. Creating and sending a pumpkin carving box is a fun idea and is probably something most college students won’t think to do but will love once they have the supplies. Items to include would be a pumpkin carving kit, stencils, and newspaper.

Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving KitEvery Halloween it seems like pumpkin carving kits are available at any grocery store or general store. Sending a kit to your student will remind them of carving pumpkins with the family and they can share that feeling with their friends. These kits are ready to use and easy to include in any gift box.

StencilsHalloween Pumpkin Carving Stencil Kits are another great tool to add to the pumpkin carving box. While student could print off photos and create their own, providing a few stencils will get the ideas rolling and give them an easy starting point.

Finally, a simple necessity to pumpkin carving is newspaper. If you’re planning on sending a box you can save your own newspapers and include them in the box. Alternatively there’s always newspaper at the grocery store. Newspaper is a simple option because it’s readily available and easy to clean up later, compared to using a tarp or other fabric draping.

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