30 Virtual Spirit Week Ideas & How to Cover It In Your Yearbook

30 Virtual Spirit Week Ideas & How to Cover It In Your Yearbook

30 Virtual Spirit Week Ideas & How to Cover It In Your Yearbook

Finding yearbook coverage ideas when remote learning is no easy task. It’s like the entire yearbook building experience is one big question mark as there’s no template for what we are experiencing this year. Events and sports are cancelled meaning yearbooks that were once full of these photos, are at risk for simply being a bunch of blank pages.

Before you panic, consider this… the yearbook’s job is to record the memories of the year, no matter what those memories and experiences look like. In many ways, this could be fun for any yearbook editor. Staying positive will only help to set a good example for our students. It’s an opportunity to flex your creative muscles in a yearbook that will be treasured forever.

One thing I’ve heard from a lot of schools is the popularity of Virtual Spirit Week. It’s a fun activity that student’s can participate in no matter where they are studying. Below we’ve created a list of 30 different Virtual Spirit Week ideas, along with a list of yearbook spread ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

30 Virtual Spirit Week Ideas

  1. Pet Show & Tell Day
  2. Crazy Hat Day
  3. Pajama Day
  4. Favorite Decade Day
  5. Favorite Sports Team Day
  6. 100 Days of School (dress like you you’re 100 years or 100 days old)
  7. Wax Museum
  8. Earth Day
  9. Luau Day
  10. Favorite Book Day
  11. School Colors Day
  12. Formal Day
  13. Disney Character Day
  14. College Day
  15. Superhero Day
  16. Tie-Dye Day
  17. Facial Hair Day
  18. Inside Out Clothes Day
  19. Favorite Musician Day
  20. Stuffed Animal Day
  21. Wellness Day
  22. Future Day
  23. Face-Painted Day
  24. Favorite Toy Show-and-Tell Day
  25. Parents Day
  26. Sunglasses/Blue Light Glasses Day
  27. Dr. Seuss Day
  28. Pirate Day
  29. Favorite Food Day
  30. Dress Like Your Favorite Day (Beach vs Snow)

Now, all you need to do is gather photos from your community. If you’re looking for ways to do this, check out this article on Tips For Sourcing Yearbook Photos From Your Community When Distance Learning.

Once you start building your yearbook pages, consider separating each day of Spirit Week into its own spread. This gives you the freedom to pick one theme for each spread, rather than simply choosing a solid color background.

Virtual Spirit Week: Pet Show & Tell

Let each student send in a photo of themselves with their pet. Let’s be honest, we could look at an entire book filled with photos of kids and animals. For the yearbook, you could include anecdotes on how their pet joins them each day while they are remote learning. Does Caleb’s cat lounge on his desk all day? Maybe Isaac’s iguana sits on his head all day. Learning remotely has its upsides, like spending the full day with our furry friends. Find out what your student’s enjoy most about this.

Virtual Spirit Week: Dress Like Your Favorite Day

Let your students debate which is more fun, swimming at the beach or playing in the snow. This is an event that might only work when virtually learning. Given it might not be appropriate to walk around school all day in your swimsuit, you can easily wear it while remote learning.

Virtual Spirit Week: Face Paint Day

Just imagine, a virtual meeting with 20-30 student faces staring back at you, now picture them with their faces painted! How much fun would this be?!! They would have fun laughing with their friends at their crazy face paint, and yearbook spread full of close up headshots can be absolutely stunning.

We hope this helps fuel your creativity for Virtual Spirit Week yearbook spreads. If you’re looking for more coverage ideas, check out this article on How to Capture 20-21 in the Yearbook.

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