30 New Year’s Eve Baby Names That Are Ready to Party

30 New Year’s Eve Baby Names That Are Ready to Party

30 New Year’s Eve Baby Names That Are Ready to Party

It’s that time again: Time to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the New Year ahead with a clear mind, hopeful heart and strong resolve. If you’re expecting around New Year’s Eve, it’s also a great time to consider some extra meaningful baby names. We’re sharing 30 of the most festive, hopeful andcreative baby names to capture the joyful sentiment of the season.

New Year’s Eve-Themed Boys’ Names

1. Alden: If you give birth on New Year’s Eve or Day, this name is a perfect subtle nod to “Auld Lang Syne.” It also means “old, wise friend,” which encapsulates the very meaning of the NYE song.

2. Asher: This well-liked Hebrew name means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.” Who could ask for more in the New Year?

3. Felix: Felicitations to the happy parents of this fortunate boy!

4. Gaius/Caius: Latin names like these, both of which mean “rejoice,” are great options for those looking for classic names that aren’t overly common today.

5. Gennaro: Not only is it Italian for the month of January, but it’s also the patron saint of Naples.

6. Isaac: This ever popular Hebrew name means “laughter,” which is one of the most joyous things you could wish upon a kid.

7. Janus: This January-ish name is shared with the ancient Roman god of new beginnings and transitions.

8. Levin: New Year’s Eve is all about spending time with dear friends, and that’s exactly what this German name means.

9. Neo/Neon: Whoa. Keanu was onto something. Similar in sound, both names mean “new,” which is perfect for NYE.

10. Novak: Another name meaning “new,” this Serbian moniker is a great option for fans of last names as first names.

11. Simcha: If you want to go old-school Hebrew, this name perfectly captures the spirit of New Year’s: gladness, mirth and festivity.

12. Tate: For fans of monosyllabic boys’ names, Tate is a strong choice meaning “cheerful.”

13. Vidal: It’s the perfect time of year to reflect on life itself, which is what makes this Spanish name so appropriate.

14. Von: Short and sweet, this boys’ name simply means “hope” in Norse.

15. Xavier: The future is “bright” for your little New Year’s baby.

New Year’s Eve-Themed Girls’ Names

1. Allegra: Let’s get this party started, little lady! Her name, meaning “joyous,” sets the tone for a happy life ahead.

2. Amal: Yup, the same as Mrs. Alamuddin Clooney’s first name. It’s Arabic for “hope.”

3. Dawn: It’s a new day and a new life: Give her this pretty name to match.

4. Esperanza: Similar in sound to the more popular Spanish name Esmeralda, this one translates to “hope” for your New Year’s babe.

5. Felicity: Felicity is bringing that Latin good fortune to the girls’ names as Felix did for the boys’ names.

6. Gala: Did you go into labor at a swanky New Year’s soiree? Name her after the event, and she’ll share the name with Salvador Dali’s wife.

7. Hilary/Hilaria/Ilaria: There are plenty of spelling alterations for this cheerful name.

8. Hope: Get right to the heart of the New Year with a classic.

9. Joy/Joyce: Same goes for these lovely ladies’ names.

10. Leta/Leda/Letitia: There are so many ways to express joy and gladness around the world. Here are a few that make great girls’ names.

11. Nadia/Nadine: Nadia is Russian for “hope,” while Nadine is the French way.

12. Nia: You might think this name is related to the masculine Neo, but it’s actually a Swahili name that translates to “resolve” — perfect for the time of New Year’s resolutions.

13. Nova: Nova, on the other hand, does mean “new” in Latin.

14. Revel: If you’re inspired by Rebel Wilson, but can’t actually give your daughter a troublemaker’s name, try Revel to celebrate the revelry of the New Year.

15. Viva: The New Year is all about cherishing life, making this lovely Latin name a beautiful choice.

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