3 reasons to celebrate Kevin Love on Valentine’s Day 2022

3 reasons to celebrate Kevin Love on Valentine's Day 2022

3 reasons to celebrate Kevin Love on Valentine’s Day 2022


Kevin Love is having a resurgent season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kevin Love is doing his best to prove himself a Cleveland Cavaliers legend by coming off the bench and helping the team compete for the playoffs. He’s a contender for the Sixth Man of the Year award and a key figure on this Cavaliers team. So this Valentine’s Day, we’re looking for some reasons to celebrate love.

Why Valentine’s Day? Since his last name is love, this holiday is all about love, which is a hard reason for Kevin-love-appreciating posts, but at least one reason. Also, his uncle is in The Beach Boys, so maybe you can take something out of that as a reason.

Then let’s talk big.

Three reasons to celebrate Cleveland’s Kevin Love this Valentine’s Day

Career-best three-point efficiency

Statistically, it was his third-best 3-pointer of the year. He’s shooting 39.2 percent this year, 41.6 percent in 2017-2018, and 41.7 percent in 2010-2011. So if he’s been more accurate before, why is this his best shot of the year? Good question, it comes down to efficiency. In the 10-11 season, he averaged only 3 3-pointers per game. The fewer photos you take, the easier it is to be accurate. In his 2017-18 season, he shot slightly lower but higher, improving to 5.6 3-pointers per game. It’s much more difficult to maintain this accuracy as the volume increases. This year, he averaged more than six 3-pointers per game. Over the years, he has averaged at least six 3-pointers per game, shooting between 36 and 37 percent. This year, he hit 39.5 percent from the field. Clearly, he’s hitting the best shot ever.

stellar defense

Not only is his 3-point shooting the best of his career, but his advanced numbers have never seen him play so well on the defensive end. According to RAPTOR, Love has a +2.0 defensive rating, the highest of his career (dating back to 2013-14). Sometimes when Love was in Minnesota, people thought his poor defense was the reason they often lost. Right now, Love is one of the more reliable guards on the team.

Leadership and Guidance

Finally, the growth of young players must be responsible for Love. He’s had quite a few ups and downs, and at times bad. Really bad. However, he has found his way back from those dark days and is a better guide for the young Cavaliers. There seems to be a lot of trust between him and the likes of Darius Garland and Evan Mobley. That helped the situation a lot, and his eagerness to come off the bench showed everyone that if a five-time All-Star, NBA champion is willing to put down his ego, then everyone should. That doesn’t seem like something we could say last year, but things have changed a lot.

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