26 Fun Christmas Party Games Everyone Should Try This Year

26 Fun Christmas Party Games Everyone Should Try This Year

26 Fun Christmas Party Games Everyone Should Try This Year

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Can you believe it’s Christmas time already?

It’s time for gifts, baking, and lots of fun Christmas games. Are you hosting a Christmas party this year? Would you like to have fun ways to entertain your guests?

To make things easier for you, I’m bringing you some of the internet’s best ideas for fun Christmas party games. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and share a few laughs.

Here are amazing Christmas party games perfect for your celebration this year:

1. Christmas Drawing Game

This would be a great way to break the ice at any Christmas party. You begin by closing your eyes and trying to draw things that are being called out by the host.

In the end, you get points for being accurate with your drawing. Whoever gets the most points gets a party prize.

2. Christmas Family Feud

Oh my! If you’re a fan of Family Feud, you’ll love this idea. You can download the game which shares both categories and points.

Divide guests into teams, have them guess the top answers for each category, and whoever gets the most points gets a prize.

3. Christmas Bingo

This would be an amazing game for a smaller crowd. If you have younger children, print out the bingo cards and let chocolate kisses serve as your markers.

If you’re an educator and want to teach your students Spanish, this game is offered in both English and Spanish. It could serve as a wonderful, festive learning tool.

4. Christmas Trivia Game

Trivia is fun. Not only do you get the opportunity to learn new and fun facts, but it’s nice to see what information you have stored away.

This Christmas themed trivia game would be perfect for any party over the holidays. It requires little preparation as you simply print it off the internet.

5. Tinsel Game

This game would be great for creative guests. You divide your party guests into two separate teams. Next, give a secret word to the two people with the tinsel.

From there, it’s their job to create a picture of the word out of tinsel. Whichever team guesses correctly win.

6. The Name Game

This game could have a Christmas twist put on it. Normally, you put slips of paper in a bowl with names of people dead or alive on them.

You must give clues or act out who the person is to give your team an opportunity to guess correctly. You could ask for Christmas themed names to go in the bowl for your holiday party.

7. Reindeer Ring Toss

This game comes with an entire downloadable packet which consists of Reindeer themed snacks and games.

The game I’m pointing out in the packet is the reindeer ring toss. (Scroll to page 20) They show you how to create your own Rudolph, and it would be perfect to keep the kids busy at the party.

8. Naughty or Nice Christmas Game

If you’re a fan of the Price is Right, you’ll probably see the connection with this game. The idea is to punch through each of the pieces of paper to get to the red cup.

Inside the cup, there should be a piece of paper and a gift to tell whether you’ve been naughty or nice and what landed you in the category.

9. Jingle Bell Toss

This game is straight forward and easy to make. You begin with tiny red cups. The cups are glued to a board to keep them from moving.

Once the cups are in place, you begin tossing little jingle bells to see how many you can land in the cups. It’s a great game for kids.

10. Pantyhose Reindeer Balloon Game

This is a fun game for the whole family. You need two teams and a captain for each team. The goal is to blow up a package of balloons and shove them inside the pantyhose.

Whoever can get the pantyhose on the captain’s head first, wins the game. You can also make the captains wear reindeer noses for added entertainment.

11. Fat Santa

This looks to be another fun team game. You buy the largest set of sweats you can find and choose a Santa.

The rest of the team blows up small balloons and sees who can get the most balloons in the sweats. The fattest Santa at the end wins the game.

12. Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

This game is a fun way to exchange gifts. You print off the rules and purchase a set of dice. Depending upon what you roll will determine which gift you receive.

It’s a fun way to keep things exciting when exchanging gifts because you don’t know who’ll get to keep their gifts and who will have to steal them away.

13. The Candy Ball Game

This is a fun game for a larger group of people, though it will take some preparation on the part of the host.

Basically, you make a large ball of plastic wrap which is stuffed with candy. You have to roll doubles with a set of dice before the ball can be passed. It’s a great way for everyone to get something when participating in the game.

14. Christmas Songs Pictionary

Are you a talented artist? Do you have friends who enjoy drawing? Well, Pictionary could be the game for your party.

You can easily print off the Christmas themed Pictionary cards and let your friends enjoy the fun of trying to draw and guess some old Christmas favorites.

15. Let’s Make a Deal

I love watching this show! Why not include it as part of your Christmas party? You can, thanks to this amazing tutorial.

You have three boxes to choose from with making a deal and some hysterical challenges your guests will dread doing but get a kick out of watching others take on.

16. Punch a Present

This is a fun game to ensure everyone is a winner. There’s a video tutorial to show you how to create the set-up with a cardboard box and tissue paper.

From there, your guests choose a hole to punch out and receive their present. It’s exciting to see what each person will pull out.

17. Snowman Slam

If you’re hosting a party for smaller children, this idea would be a perfect fit. You create snowmen from paper cups.

Once the cups are stacked, you use a piece of clay that looks like a snowball and see how many cups you can knock down with a single toss.

18. The Christmas Game

This game is similar to what I call Secret Santa. You open gifts in order by drawing a number, and people can steal your gift up to three times.

The difference is most of the gifts are gag gifts. Though there are a few gifts of cash and gift cards.

19. The Quarter Game

This game is a fun and simple way to include everyone at your party. You only need a quarter and the ability to flip it.

Prior to flipping each person must choose heads or tails by placing their hands in a designated spot to symbolize their choice. Each person who guesses correctly is in for the next round until there’s only one person left standing.

20. Minute to Win It Christmas Style

Minute to Win It games are perfect for large or small groups. This post shares 25 different options for Minute to Win It games which are also Christmas themed.

These games will probably be better for children out of the toddler stage and up as they can be difficult to accomplish even for those with fully developed fine motor skills.

21. Super Fun Christmas Game

This game is perfect for large or small groups. You only need a marker for every participant and a paper plate.

Your guests will place the plate on their head and try to draw what you call out to them. Whoever has the best picture, wins.

22. The Left Right Game

This is a fun Christmas party game for the whole family to play. You can print off the story and read it aloud. When the story says left, you pass the gift left.

When the story says, right, you must pass the gift right. Whatever gift you end up with at the end of the story is yours.

23. Bottoms Up

This is another Minute to Win It theme, but the idea is to tie a string with an ornament to a person’s belt.

In one minute, they must knock over all the cans on the table using only the ornament attached to their backside.

24. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

I shared this link above with the Rudolph Ring Toss. It contains all the parts and directions you’ll need to play a rousing game of pin the nose on Rudolph.

You print off the noses, blindfold the participant, and try to pin the nose on the center of Rudolph’s face.

25. The Christmas Pickle

This is a game we play each year to decide who gets to open presents first. If you’re doing a gift exchange at your party it would be perfect.

You purchase a Christmas pickle ornament. Hide the ornament in the tree and whoever finds the pickle first opens presents first.

26. Ho, Ho, Ho

This last game is from Victorian times. I recently learned about it at our homeschool group when we studied Christmas Around the World.

You sit in a circle and laugh as funny as you can (using different tones and pitches) to make others laugh, but you can’t. The goal is to keep from laughing and be the last one standing.

Well, you now have a variety of Christmas themed games to try out at your party this year. Hopefully, they’ll provide loads of entertainment and help you make many fun memories.

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