25 Baby Shower Favors — What to Give Guests At Baby Showers

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25 Baby Shower Favors — What to Give Guests At Baby Showers

25 Baby Shower Favors — What to Give Guests At Baby Showers



Prepping for a new baby is hard work. There’s a lot to research, a lot to buy, and a lot to prepare. Thankfully, a well-planned baby shower can help alleviate some of those worries while letting the mom-to-be know she will be loved and supported as she starts this new chapter. But what can you give the guests at a baby shower to show your appreciation? These ideas for baby shower favors are cute, affordable, and things guests will actually be able to use like a custom candle or sweet-smelling soap. Plus, most of these baby shower favors can be customized with all of the shower details or the baby’s name and due date (thank you, Etsy!).

From gifts that pamper your guests, like lip balm and body scrub, to ones that taste great, like doughnuts and candy, these baby shower favors are ones your guests will love. And, as an added bonus, they won’t break the bank.

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Baby Shower Hair Ties



How many times have you needed a hair tie but forgot to put one in your bag or your wrist? Solve that problem for guests with these sweet ties that won’t leave creases.

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Personalized Rose Bath Bombs



These bath bombs provide instant zen thanks to a mix of rose essential oils and petals. 

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‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ Candles

Before the star of the show arrives, guests can enjoy a scented candle that honors everyone’s favorite lullaby.

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Champagne Party Favors



A bottle of mini champagne (or sparkling grape juice) is the perfect celebratory gift for guests to enjoy when the baby arrives.

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“Watch Me Grow” Tag



Wrap this tag around a small succulent, and guests can enjoy a bit of greenery.

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Personalized Soap



These vegan, unscented soaps come in eight colors and are the perfect way to thank your guests for treating you to a great baby shower. 

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Doughnut Baby Shower Favor Bags



Give them a gift they really want — a doughnut! These favor bags fit everyone’s favorite baked good perfectly. Pick up a dozen or two from a local bakery or the area Dunkin for a gift everyone will enjoy.

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Personalized Lip Balm



Be the saving grace for guests who always forget their Chapstick by gifting them a custom lip balm. 

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Crystal Wine Charm Favor



Help everyone keep track of their wine glass with these custom wine charms. 

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Sugar Scrub Shower Favors

They made your shower great, now help them with theirs! These sugar scrubs are an all-natural way to keep skin soft.

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Custom Seed Packets



While you’re growing your family tree, guests can grow their garden with a packet of wildflower seeds.

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Personalized Cups



Guests can enjoy their drinks out of these custom cups at the shower, then take them home. 

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Kitchen Whisk

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Everyone can use a kitchen tool. This sweet whisk also comes in blue. 

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Custom Cozy



Guests will remember the baby’s due date with these cozys that also keep their drinks cool.

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Personalized Milk Bottles



These custom milk bottles can be filled with candies or mints. 

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Personalized Honey Pots



Welcoming a new addition is a sweet  moment that’s made even sweeter with these personalized miniature honey pots. 

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Animal Candles

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If your baby is “born to be wild,” these cute critters make a great gift for guests.

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Custom Tea Tin

These tea tins come in pink, blue, and green, which is good if Mom’s keeping the gender a surprise. 

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Mint Tins



Stuff these tins with mints, and guests will always stay fresh. 

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Personalized Macaron Boxes



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These custom boxes can fit colorful macarons or favorite candies.

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Bottle Opener

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Make sure to save one of these bottles for the mom-to-be to use once she can drink again. 

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“Mommy to Bee!” Soap

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A honey-scented, honeycomb-shaped soap is a great way to celebrate a Queen (Mom-to) Bee. 

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Sugar Bowl with Lid

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Sugar, spice and everything nice: just what you want your baby to be! Guests can enjoy sugar bowls with the same saying.

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Coffee Favors



Though the mom-to-be may be cutting down on her caffeine intake, guests can enjoy some fresh coffee.

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Popcorn Favor Boxes



These popcorn favor boxes are sure to be a crowdpleaser, especially if they come filled with a salty treat. 

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