24 Free Happy New Year Cards and Poems

Example of comteporary New Year card. Photo of the night sky with three colorful fireworks

24 Free Happy New Year Cards and Poems

Welcome to this large collection of free, happy New Year Cards in
beautiful colors and of high quality.

Feel free copy these wonderful, colorful and printable New Year
greeting cards to your own computer, print them out or if
you’re very creative, edit them to add your own personal

Some of these happy New Years cards also display short,
sweet and rhyming New Years poems that you can use with or
without the New Year card on which it is written.

Old Vintage and Modern New Years Greeting Cards

As a special treat we’ve collected or created several types of New
Year Greeting cards for you.

Vintage Cards for New
Here you will find both old vintage cards from the
early Victorian 1900s as well as cards painted in the elegant Art
Nouveau style. Whichever art style you prefer!

Contemporary Cards
You will also find a few modern New Year
greeting cards which are, among other things pretty, colorful photos
of fireworks.

Ideas of How to Use these Free Cards

There are many ways to use these pretty online New Years cards.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose your personal favorite (perhaps it represents
    something about yourself, the intended receiver or maybe it’s
    just simply pretty) and print it out on some sort of thick paper,
    preferably good photo paper. Find or buy some cardboard in
    matching color and glue your card onto it, so that your card
    will look nicely framed.
  • If you know a little bit about image editing, you can play
    around with your happy New Year card in e.g. Photoshop and
    include your own message on the card itself and send to your
    loved ones in an email or print it out.
  • You can also choose to create your own homemade New Years
    cards and just use the great New Years poems one this page as a
    sweet, final touch on your own card.

Conditions of Use

We are more than delighted to present you with these happy New Years
greeting cards for your own private purposes and joy. These free
online happy New Year cards are not to be used for commercial
purposes. Thank you for respecting that! 🙂

User Guidelines

All of these New Year pictures are created as .JPG files and are of
pretty high visual quality.

When you’ve chose your personal
favorite, there are probably several ways to save your image.

One of the simplest ways, though, is to simply right click on
the chosen card and when the small new window opens, chose ‘Save
image as’. And after choosing a saving location on your pc, you will
now have the chosen card saved on your computer.

Simple, neat
and easy!

And now leaving the scene for the collection of
happy New Years cards along with a few happy New Years poems.

Example of comteporary New Year card. Photo of the night sky with three colorful fireworks

‘Happy New

‘A Happy New Year’

Vintage picture with little baby and rhyming New Years Poem.

‘Sincere New Years Greetings’

good wishes always come true,
My most sincere I send to you’

‘A Happy New Year’

‘Accept the
simple wish from me,
A happy New Year may yours be,
With every
gladness in your heart,
That Life can bring and
heaven impart’

Modern photo of red fireworks on New Years eve.

‘Happy New

Happy New Year’

‘If good Dame Fortune left her wheel,
me a chance to spin it –
I’d fix your New Year
so you’d find,
Nothing but good luck in it’

Happy New Years’

Art Nouveau New Year Card with woman in toga and rhyming New Years poem.

New Year to you,
May your hopes come true’

Old style picture with moon man and angel setting the clock on New Years eve.

‘A Prosperous and Happy New Year’

Panoramic postcard with fireworks wishing you happy New Year!

‘Happy New Year’

‘Little New Year’

‘Ring out the old,
Ring in the new,
With heaps of luck

And Joy for you,
May all the months roll swiftly by,
And bring
success what e’er you try’

Pink fireworks at the beach.

New Year’

Light blue New Year Greeting Card: Woman blowing wishes, small snowflakes.

‘Blowing New Year Wishes Your Way’

Modern New Year Picture: Shiny Champagne bottles.

‘Happy New Year’


‘A Happy New

Colorful Vintage New Years Card: Little girl behind green purse with silver and gold coins.

Happy New Year’

‘Happy New

‘A Happy New Year’

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greeting: Green pine tree branches and red candle with burning flame.

‘Merry Christmas & Happy
New Year’

‘Happy New Year’

‘New Year Greetings’

Happy New Year’

I’m sending wishes not a
On this New Year’s day,
But of course
that’s nothing new –
I wish them every day!’

Modern computer edited New Years greeting with Champagne glasses and clock.

‘Happy New Year’

‘January 1


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