2022 Valentine’s Day Movies Double Up

2022 Valentine's Day Movies Double Up

2022 Valentine’s Day Movies Double Up


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COVID test strips are red, N95s are blue, are we really still celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2022?Our second Pandemic V-Day is here, and whether you’re in a relationship or single, you might think it’s a better idea to stay home rather than go and see marry me in the theater. (It’s also playing on Peacock, FYI.) But if you’re looking for more out-of-the-box ideas for your Valentine’s weekend viewing, may we recommend one of these themed doubles? They’re sure to put you in a good mood – whatever mood you want.

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Here are two Wong Kar Wai films about flight attendants; one (1995 fallen angel) is ostensibly a sequel to another (1994) Chongqing Express), but for your Valentine’s Day, it makes more sense to watch it in reverse order. this pair, fallen angel It sticks even more to one of Huang’s central tenets: Unresolved endings starve new beginnings. Assassin’s fixers couldn’t quite turn their business relationship into something more pleasant. There’s no way a silent, nocturnal motorcycle resident likes him more than the romantic cheater she imagines. How yearning! When we finally met our first flight attendant, she was a signal that the flight path was going down. The landing site may not be where our hearts desire, but it is land.

on the other hand, Chongqing Express Tell us that behind every ending lies a possible new beginning. A mysterious, troubled woman is pursued by a detective on the other side of a romantic expiry. She escaped on the first plane and when we met our second flight attendant she left a patrolman stranded in mid-air. A staff member from his favourite snack bar noticed, and while red flags abounded – a little bit of breaking and entering – she cautioned against the possibility that people outside just want to come in thoroughly Refresh our store, sad life. We meet again the flight attendant for the second police officer, she is in uniform, but when she defers his request to the third flight attendant, the flight attendant on duty, he finds that he is really free to roam the aisles (love ). syncope.

our silence fallen angel Nocturne once said: “You pass by a lot of people every day. Some strangers may become your friends or even your confidants.” Emphasis possibleThe love in these movies is all about making the narrative work in your favor, and while friction may not always create sparks, if you can overcome the countless, repeated, simultaneous starts and stops of the clanging clangs, you might get one. Reward a little warmth. β€” Melvin Beckman

Chongqing Express and fallen angel streaming standard channel.

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For centuries, nothing has said “be happy hereafter” more than a wedding. From Shakespeare to Jane Austen to countless movies, we’ve been inundated with the message that romance (and comedy) should end in marriage. This weekend, however, I don’t care that two beautiful people declare their eternal love for each other. Instead, my lover and I only focus on movies where single women attend wedding parties, like Hurricane and Rain, every time at their friends’ pre-wedding events.

The leads of both films are flawless performances.exist my best friend’s weddingg, Julia Roberts risks her image as America’s sweetheart to play a conniving career woman trying to steal her best friend on the eve of her marriage to the glamorous Cameron Diaz (Dermot Mulroney) heart of.and bridesmaidKristen Wiig proves her talent goes beyond saturday night live Play as a woman struggling to reconcile her life and finances while dealing with the stress of her best friend’s (Maya Rudolph) lavish wedding plans.

Did I make this choice because my own 2020 wedding plans were completely upended by another chaotic tour, Miss Corona? perhaps! But, like me, Diaz and Rudolph’s characters get their spouses, even for unexpected drama. β€”Tory Wright

my best friend’s wedding Now Playing Pluto. bridesmaid Now Playing Peacock.

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I love my Valentine’s Day as much as I love my indie films: sad, longing, and mostly quiet.That’s why I suggest you sit down for an evening with Sofia Coppola lost in translation (2003) and Kogonada’s Columbus (2017).

The similarities are obvious. Both films revolve around an age-gap couple — Bob and Charlotte (Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson), Kim and Casey (John Joe and Haley Lou Richardson) — – They find themselves drawn to each other as they recognize a wayward soul.Their relationship was formed over a short period of time and was intimate, and while they were ultimately not romantic, they were not no Also very romantic. It’s an intimacy between two people who realize they’re the only ones trapped in purgatory, and they’re just what the other needs to get to the next level.

It would be interesting to piece together the differences between the two films. lost in translation Playing on and around the fringes of the industry of fame, so everything is draped in a comforting class gauze: Bob and Charlotte are existentially screwed up, but they’ll be fine materially. By contrast, Kogonada’s film is based on the difficult conditions of Casey’s family life… aaand Then there’s the race stuff.Some lost in translationThe fish out of the water element still doesn’t age well (especially the escort scene), causing more cringe when juxtaposed Columbuss A subtle handling of the interracial dynamics between Casey and Korean-American Kim.

Either way, they’re also good travel films. lost in translation Apparently in Tokyo, and Columbus Located in Columbus, Indiana, a scenic city with a surreal history as an architectural mecca. (Oddly, it’s famous as the birthplace of Mike Pence, but let’s forget that.) So if you’re looking for a low-cost way to spend this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably doing worse . β€”Nicholas Kwa

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This Valentine’s Day, play a ’90s-themed disaster movie that doubles as a reminder of the benefits of staying on a comfy, cute sofa.When you were filming in 1996, the only threat to having a good time came from tornadoes and icebergs on the small screen twister and in 1997 Titanic, both featuring the late great Bill Paxton. Thanks to their visuals, these blockbusters are two of the hottest films of the decade (twisterthe flying cow; TitanicThe Shipwreck) and the acting good love story at their center.

exist twister, Paxton and Helen Hunt play estranged storm chasers on the brink of a major research discovery, while Philip Seymour Hoffman steals every scene he can. at the same time, Titanic Yes Titanic; No need for a spoiler warning here, right?Paxton plays a treasure hunter with really goofy blonde highlights, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are beautiful, young, and in I like it deeply each other. It’s a great option to snuggle under a blanket so you don’t freeze on a floating door while someone who loses her virginity in a wet PG-13 sex scene will die under you. happy Valentine’s day! β€”Roxana Haddadi

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A vacation dedicated to romance has a dark subtext. See how the frequency with which someone (well, a man) forgets Valentine’s Day is used to create conflict in rom-coms. This means that there are prescribed ways to communicate love. The truth is much more confusing. Love isn’t all flowers and champagne; more often it’s trying to be the best version of ourselves and accepting that we inevitably fail at times.

Charlie McDowell explores this idea in his film I love people. Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss play a couple who attend a retreat recommended by a therapist to reconnect. There, they meet avatars of each other, but these avatars are more charming and more harmonious. Basically, a better version of themselves.

The idea of ​​the best self gets a further twist in Daniel Goldhaber’s book cam. orange is the new black Madeline Brewer plays a female anchor named Alice, known to her fans as Lola on FreeGirlsLive. Obsessed with improving her rankings, once Lola (finally!!) made it into the site’s top 50, she woke up to find her account had been taken over by a doppelganger and she couldn’t get it back.

Granted, it’s not the most romantic Valentine’s Day to watch, but consider it a relationship gimmick. If you can talk easily about the tough topics of love and identity, body and ownership, it shows that your relationship is very strong. IMHO, more romantic than flowers. β€”Emily Palmer Heller

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As you can see, we offer, this Valentine’s Day
Lots of recommendations, as a movie valet.
Dual functionality for viewing via streaming or disc
Or maybe VHS tapes, just for fun.

Screening for your download (no antenna required)
We first recommend that you try V for Vendetta.
Well, not so cute, but think about it: you will go with
Most new movies with Great Weave (Hugo).

Then the second, how about five?
No, not Pynchon, not Churchill – scary alien:
where aliens landed and opened the cork
All kinds of confusion. (It started in New York.)

V – Dystopia Twice! Not exactly romantic.
Maybe too cold and it could drive you crazy.
But if you (like the team here) devour all culture
you can choose your my own night fives. β€”XO, Vulture

five Now Playing Tubi. V for Vendetta Now Playing HBO Max.

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