2022 Holiday Shortage, How You Can Get Valentine’s Day Flowers with LESS

2022 Holiday Shortage, How You Can Get Valentine's Day Flowers with LESS

2022 Holiday Shortage, How You Can Get Valentine’s Day Flowers with LESS


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and given the shortages this year, many may be scrambling to find flowers for their loved ones.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will not only save you a few bucks, but also guarantee a unique arrangement.

Expected shortage of flowers for Valentine's Day this year


Expect a flower shortage for Valentine’s Day this yearCredit: Getty

While most people probably don’t think of hardware stores as the place to buy flowers, they’re actually a great place to find them.

“Many of our local hardware stores have large garden centers with a great variety of beautiful plants. Many of the plants they sell outlast cut flowers,” Checkbook.org’s Jamie Lettis told WTOP News.

Lettis recommend staying away from the 800 Nationwide Order Service as they may deliver disappointing products or cancel at worst.

Another option is to call the florist directly near the person you want to arrange, and if you are nearby, you can deliver it yourself.

This way, you save on shipping and make sure the product looks the way you want it to.

Finally, you can also choose a bouquet from the grocery store and customize it yourself.

“Many stores also sell baby’s breath and other stuffed flowers that you can use to make the arrangement look more robust,” says Letis.

“Think tulips, think peonies, lilies, all kinds of different flowers you might find, they’re not coveted red roses, they’re just as beautiful.”

If you have any vases before, you can also add your own.

Retail prices for flowers bloom around Valentine’s Day and may be more expensive this year than usual, as florists in major cities report lower-than-normal stocks.

Thankfully, there are many businesses that offer cheaper prices on roses and any other ferns that you or your special someone want.

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