20 Signs You Have Met Your True Soulmate

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20 Signs You Have Met Your True Soulmate

The concept behind a soul mate

Too many beliefs exist behind the concept of soulmates. According to the reincarnation belief, it is not essential that a soulmate would be only one person: when people die their souls shatter and break into pieces. Those pieces, along with the broken pieces of other souls, are brought together randomly to form new souls of new people. Thus when we meet our soulmates we actually confronted with the broken pieces of our previous souls. More specifically, it’s a reunion of souls.

People often get confused between soulmates and life partners. Soulmates are those who seem to have an energetic connection with our past lives. It is believed that soulmates are connected by a soul who helps uplift our own spirit to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

On the other hand, a life partner is someone whom we can trust and depend on for life. Someone who gives us company and friendship in our times of need. A mutual feeling of love and respect exists between life partners who always stay with each other.

Whereas for soulmates, it is not necessary to be a life partner or to be in a romantic relationship. The person may be one of our relatives, colleagues or friends. Regardless of relation, they always appear to awaken or challenge our soul to lift it to a higher state of consciousness.

Sometimes soulmate relationships do not last for long. This is because this kind of relationship contains a karmic energy that leads the relation to its end once its mission is fulfilled or the necessary lessons have been learned. After meeting a soulmate, we need to prepare ourselves energetically or spiritually rather than physically, emotionally, or mentally. Thus a soulmate is a person who we strongly click with, who shares our tastes and values, and we often feel a romantic bond with them.

Sometimes this kind of relationship starts very rough or by coincidence. But then it takes twists or turns, making us understand that he or she is the perfect person for us. A divine force begins to compel us to act. There are many signs that can show us who our soulmates are.

1. Extreme loyalty is a major sign

Loyalty is the basis of any true relationship. A true soulmate stays beside us, in both good and bad times. This is one of the most important qualities of a soulmate. They do not stay with us only when things are going well. They do not inconvenience you at anytime either.

2. Soulmates are always supportive

Like the ancient art of kintsugi, a soulmate heals cracks and wounds to make us strong enough to deal with any kind of situation. Support is a healing act to make us able to deal with any problem, even if it seems too tough to handle.

A soulmate is always aware of our moods. They are there to provide comfort and to extend a helping hand. A soulmate uplifts us and makes us feel inspired when we’re feeling down. The reunion between two soulmates is so important. They know all about our vulnerabilities and how to heal us.

3. Soulmates share morals and values – a sign of love

Sometimes soulmates may meet by coincidence. Though you may not seek out our soulmate actively, when you find that person you’ll discover most of their morals and key values are same as yours.

The reunion between two souls brings a sign of a new start between them. When we start a relationship we talk to each other about our hobbies, interests, likes, favorite childhood memories and so on.

Later, when we think about these answers, we get an overall idea of our partner’s core values and interests. Sometimes a relationship between two people of different interests may last even if they are not of same moral and core values. Hobbies and interests of soulmates may vary but their moral values and core ideas cannot.

4. Our soulmate sparks like a sign of passion in us

Catalysts help in chemical reactions to speed up the reaction. Soulmates always inspire us to do our best, just like a catalyst.

Soulmates are always well aware about our passions, dreams, and suppressed desires. So when we find a person who inspires us to do something close to our heart or tries to bring out our best in all situations, there’s a high chance that this person is our soulmate.

This kind of person will never try to distract us from our goals. Rather they will always spark passion within you so that you can attain your inner desires and dreams. Soulmates have the potential to lead you to unforeseen heights and new depths of personal growth.

Since meeting a soulmate is the sign of the reunion of our broken halves, the soulmate is well aware of our best aspects. Through encouragement, they help us to take positive steps forward and let our passion come out.

5. A soulmate is easy to talk to

Humans are not without error. Soulmates are always open to each other about the ups and downs of lifer. They have that loving and caring tendency to discuss anything honestly. If a conversation is kind and loving, then there are chances to fix any errors, as frank communication always opens the door to winning solutions.

If anything happens between them, any kind of misunderstanding, soulmates will try to resolve the problem before it gets worse. But if one does not feel that sense of clear and open communication, then the relationship lacks that energy to lift each person’s soul to a higher state of consciousness. This is a sign that this person is not a perfect match as a soul mate.

6. Your soul mate knows to make you feel special:

Every one of us has our different ways to feel loved, be pampered, or get inspired. Whatever it could be, a soulmate somehow manages to know about those arrangements to make you feel warm and special. It could be simple things like waking you with a kiss in the morning or making you a cup of tea during your headache, without being told to do so.

Obviously, a soulmate is not a slave. A kind of telepathy flows between soulmates by which they are able to sense what to do to make you feel great. Telepathy is a special thing which happens only between true soulmates. For example, bringing something to you that you need but hadn’t asked for. When a reunion happens between two soulmates, this telepathy always creates wonder which remains in their heart forever.

7. Soulmates transcend spiritual boundaries with you

Soulmates look at the world from the same lens because they understand each other. According to a famous medieval poet, in his famous ‘Good Morrow’ poem, two partners are like two hemispheres: when they come together, they make a complete world.

Soulmates are like the same pages in a book in terms of their priorities, goals, opinions, and core beliefs. They help each other to transcend spiritual barriers. If anything happens to them when they’re not together, a special telepathic bond keeps them connected.

8. Soulmates truly appreciate one another’s affection

A proper relationship always involves care and affection. It’s not like fetching something that a person needed and then he or she is done with you. Soulmates enjoy every single step together. They always feel for each other (again, telepathy and empathy). They always understand each other. Non-physical connections like same interests or core values, frank and open communication are essential, but one can’t deny the power produced by the physical connection with our soulmates. We do not doubt the affection of our soulmates. It feels as if two thirsty souls were waiting to get satisfied. Soulmates are fulfilled by giving and exchanging their love.

9. Your soulmate thinks you are irresistible

The relationship between soulmates is above all kinds of material ideals. A soulmate does not prefer material beauty or does not look for any condition to stay together. A soulmate smiles at you at each and every moment, whatever the time is, whatever your attire is, even if you are in mess. A soulmate looks past all kinds of imperfection and always tries to glorify you even if you can’t find your own radiance.

10. A sign of a true soulmate is that they are trustworthy

Trust is the basis of every relationship, whether it be parents and sons, or husband and wife, or brother and sisters, and so on. Trust is such a fragile feeling that once it is broken it can’t be repaired, even with all of the threads in the world.

Nowadays it is hard to trust anyone, but it is impossible to start a relation without any trust. And trust is the kind of feeling that’s very much all or nothing. We need to have a high level of trust to find our soulmates. Trust is one of the signs that you are with your true soulmate. A proper soulmate never abuses one’s freedom in a relationship and establishes the same kind of trust and openness with the other person.

11. Your soulmate helps you feel safe

Negative energy produced by daily experiences may interrupt the upward movement of our soul to a higher state of consciousness. Negative energy comes from feelings of insecurity, fear and negative ambiance, and can be a bad sign for your relationship. Nowadays we are exposed to harshness everywhere, whether it’s from media or social drama or anything else. Negative energy eliminates our happiest self and thus creates an aura of gloom.

Our soulmates are always aware about matters that may cause our mood swings, and thus extend their arms to comfort us. They want to feel us safe and secure, thus they do their best to wipe out the negative vibes.

12. Their endless love is a sign

When we hear a story we can’t experience the incident ourselves but we can feel the same emotions in it. In the case of soulmates, we also can just feel that certainty from the very first meeting. Soulmates can immediately realize the fact that their relationship will last for a long time. It’s a very positive sign.

13. We are more spiritually connected to our soulmates than anyone else

Meeting your soulmate is sometimes a coincidence. But when it does happen, we feel like the person is different from everyone and is the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen. Soulmates help each other in the toughest situations and celebrate that success together. They are always proud to help each other whatever the problem is. We have some of our friends who stay only in our happier moments, meeting others only occasionally. But soulmates appear each and every time we need them and thus are more connected spiritually to our inner selves than other people.

14. A good sign is that soulmates understand you even if you are silent

Soulmates can read minds. A sign that you have met your soulmate is that you don’t need to say anything but the person understands you. In case of soulmates, silence becomes an indicator that each other’s presence is enough for you. You don’t need to speak to know how much the person understands you. For example, your soulmate can understand how your day was, as soon as you enter the room, and will extend comforting arms to heal your troubles.

15. Even in times of tragedy soulmates continue to give us energy

Everyone deals with life’s ups and downs. Sometimes the tragedies of our life cover sunny skies with black clouds. But it is the soulmates who assure us that it’s just night, which wiil ultimately give way to the sun’s rays. Soulmates enlighten us, help us wash out negative moments, and think positively. In every incident and coincidence they are always with us.

16. Soulmates turn to us with all their secrets, hopes, and dreams

Soulmates feel complete when they stay together, as their souls are incomplete without one another. When we meet our soulmates for the first time it already seems that we had met before, even though it’s not true. For example, when one describes any event another one feels that he was understands it already. When one needs anything the other understands their words. When one feels hurt the other extends helping hands to give comfort or to heal their mind. So even if one person wants to hide anything from the other, it’s impossible. A soulmate is well aware about the passions, desiress and hopes of their partner. Otherwise, creating that positive vibe to clear all types obstacles in their way and attaining higher spirituality would not happen.

17. Soulmate will have the same future plans

This one is an important one among the signs of a soulmate. Soulmates share their future plans because their destinies align.

Soulmates need to exchange their future plans in order to get informed about how your life will look like. If you had found your true soulmate, then both of you will agree on your views towards life. For example, you want your baby to grow up in a private school, but your husband wants the child to be raised in a normal government affiliated school, then maybe your relationship can’t exist for much longer.

18. Soulmates always include one another in major and minor life decisions

As per the following points, we now understand that soulmates are like two incomplete halves which becomes one.

If they have decisions to make, no matter how major or minor it is, they will ask one another about it. This is because they can’t even imagine doing anything without sharing their actions with each other. And thus their love, trust, and confidence in each other are signs that they are perfect soulmates.

19. Soulmates push one another to become better and then return that favor

Soulmates always encourage one another, they never get in each other’s way. They discover the amazing potential in each other and continuously encourage their partner till they gain that what they deserve. Soulmates never let the other settle for something less what the person actually deserves. With proper guidance, they help each other walk their desired path in life.

20. Soulmates thrive on laughter

Whatever the situation is, soulmates handle it together, because you just know at the back of your mind that you are meant to spend the rest of the life with that person.

Humor is an undeniable part of a relationship with a soulmate. It helps to maintain the flow of a relationship. It is also partly related to a person’s core values. If two persons are of the same mind, only then can they appreciate the same jokes. Thus soulmates laugh with each other and never do anything that offends the other. Conversations between soulmates are always meaningful, full of fun, and insightful; they never feel out of words or tire of talking to the other person.

So it may be concluded that asoulmates are the persons who have the locks that fit our keys and have the keys that fit our locks. They unlock our inner selves to bring out our true colors. With them we feel safe enough to handle this fast-paced, chaotic world.

Maybe it is difficult to find them, but not impossible. Some may call it a coincidence. But the concept of a soulmate is not based on coincidence, they may meet by coincidence but it is a very real spiritual connection.

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