14 Graduation Party Dessert Ideas That Will Match Your Party’s Theme

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14 Graduation Party Dessert Ideas That Will Match Your Party's Theme

14 Graduation Party Dessert Ideas That Will Match Your Party’s Theme

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This post is all about graduation party dessert ideas.

Desserts are the most aesthetically pleasing part of any grad party.

The main course and appetizers can be displayed very nicely, but it’s hard to make them as pretty as desserts.

My favorite part about desserts is their ability to match your theme’s colors and add a perfect finishing touch to your graduation party.

These dessert ideas are customizable and guaranteed to work at any grad party!

This post shows you 14 graduation party dessert ideas.

Graduation Party Desserts

1. Chocolate Covered Oreos

Chocolate covered oreos are delicious!

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Here’s a fun way to incorporate your school colors or keep up your theme’s colors with these chocolate dipped oreos in a bucket of coordinating colored candies.

Get the sticks and bucket here:

2. S’more Bar

A s’more bar is perfect for an outdoor graduation party.

Get the supplies here:

3. Cupcake Display

This rustic cupcake display is perfect for a rustic graduation party.

Get it here:

Get this display here:

These are perfect to match with your theme’s colors.

Get the supplies here:

4. Candy Bar

Candy bars are super cute and very easy to throw together. Here’s a couple of my favorite displays.

Get the one above with the supplies here:

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Copy this:

Copy this here:

5. Diploma Cookies

Such a cute way to display these cookies!

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6. Strawberry Shortcake Kabob

These skewers with strawberry, angel food cake and drizzled in chocolate make for a perfect dessert platter.

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7. Build Your Own Fruit Pizza

This is such a cute idea!

Copy it here:

8. Graduation Cupcake Toppers

Graduation cap cupcake toppers are perfect for adding to any cupcake. Get them here:

9. One Smart Cookie Bar

What a great way to display cookies!

I especially love the containers used for holding all of the cookies.

Copy this here:

10. Graduation Cap on a Stick

These graduation caps are so cute, and easy to make!

Instead of using a sour straw, you can find something that matches your theme’s colors.

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11. Bucket of Freezies

Perfect for an outdoor graduation party!

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12. Root Beer Float Bar

A root beer float bar is such a good idea for a dessert bar, and isn’t something that’s super popular!

For an alternative dessert bar that’s super cute, copy it here:

13. Strawberry-Brownie-Marshmallow Kabobs

These are a perfect dessert, especially for a grad party!

Similar to fruit kabobs, these are more tedious to make but can be worth the work for such a photo perfect end result!

Make the brownies in the mini muffin tin shown below.

14. Wine Glass Desserts

I thought this was such a cute idea!

Fill plastic wine glasses with chocolate covered candies and top with a cupcake.

Try and coordinate the colors to match your grad parties theme!

Copy this:

This post showed you 14 graduation party dessert ideas.

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