12 New Age Dating Terms You Should Know From ‘Kitten Fishing’ to ‘Caking’

12 New Age Dating Terms You Should Know From 'Kitten Fishing' to 'Caking'

12 New Age Dating Terms You Should Know From ‘Kitten Fishing’ to ‘Caking’


Dating in the modern world is an extremely complex and intricate process. The internet has enabled people to meet other people from miles away without even leaving home, let alone a city, state or country. This can be positive or negative because you can find someone who matches your interests and personality, but you may end up dating someone with different morals and values, making it difficult to see each other – this It will also make it difficult for you to decide whether they are compatible in the long term. And, not to mention all the trends and terms you have to keep up with while traversing the dating world. Here, we introduce some common terms associated with modern dating.

1. Kitten Fishing: When someone posts edited photos or exaggerated self-descriptions on social media to get the attention of a potential partner. This is mostly done to increase their chances of getting a first date because they believe they can win people over later with their wit, sense of humor or personality.

2. Orbit: Stop direct contact with people you’re dating while continuing to interact on their social media, such as liking their Instagram posts or watching their Snapchat Stories.

3. Breadcrumbs: Lead someone into liking you by flirting and texting, but with little or no intention of following up. Occasional messages are noncommittal; no relationship-building plans.

4, agglomeration: Over-chasing someone, being extra sweet and kind to them for a romantic relationship.

5.Caspering: It’s a low-key version of Ghosting, where you gently let someone down and then disappear from their life. For example, instead of ignoring the text, reply in a vague and friendly way after 15 hours. This leads to a lot of confusion and mixed information.

6. Uber Radius: Determine where you would like to date people based on the distance between you and where they live.

7. To be sneaky: Date someone who secretly has multiple sexual partners. This is very disgusting and disturbing; also when confronted, they act as if monogamy was not implied in the first place.

8. Gas lamps: Manipulate others with lies and distortions to make them doubt themselves, their beliefs, or their mental health.

9. Ghosting: Cut ties with someone without explanation after being romantically involved with them.

10. Zombies: When someone who disappeared suddenly reappears in your life, there is usually no explanation.

11. Bench Press: Keep someone as a backup in case someone else can’t fix the problem. Most people who stand for someone else won’t admit to doing it, but they may feel guilty for texting them once or twice a month to keep the relationship open even when it’s not going anywhere.

12. Cuff: When someone is only interested in a short-term seasonal relationship, it’s more like being with someone on a long cold night, a summer bash, or a relationship over the holidays.

Now that you know these terms, let’s take a deeper look at how to avoid them. The best way to stay out of trouble in the dating world is to follow a simple rule: When in a relationship, always express your intentions honestly and directly! Figure out what you really want and communicate authentically. Even if something seems like a relationship trend, pay attention to what you’re indulging in, especially if it’s toxic (for everyone involved).

Move at your own pace, deal with your emotions, let go of past traumatic experiences, and move on. You can confide in a friend, seek help from a specialist, try a variety of therapies, or practice self-care. Letting go is never easy, but if you really want an unhealthy relationship, check yourself out first. Allow time for healing. Don’t ignore or ignore your feelings, because suppressing them can lead to fear, addiction, and depression in the long run. Seek the help of a professional who can help you cope better in case you can’t find comfort in your sacred space and your friends. Remember, you deserve to be loved.

If you’ve been dating for a while and are starting to notice these terms appearing in your conversations with others, it may be time to start paying more attention to how your current or potential partner treats you.

These new-age dating terms can be frustrating and confusing, but by understanding what they mean, you can better deal with them. And, if you’re the one doing these things, it’s time to change your behavior so that someone doesn’t leave forever. So whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator, be sure to avoid these new age dating terms!

(Author is MD (Alternative Medicine), Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Specialist, Therapist, Founder & Director – Gateway of Healing)

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Posted on: Sun Feb 13, 2022 11:27AM IST

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