11 Ways You Celebrated Valentine’s Day In A Long-Distance Relationship

11 Ways You Celebrated Valentine's Day In A Long-Distance Relationship

11 Ways You Celebrated Valentine’s Day In A Long-Distance Relationship

It’s that time in February that people are either ecstatic about, or completely dread…Valentine’s Day. Personally, I like the holiday, I always enjoyed getting cards and candy from everyone in grade school and I looked forward to the chocolate rose my dad gave me each year. Of course, as we get older the day becomes more complicated. Whether you’re single or looking to spend the day with someone special, it can certainly be stressful. In my case, I fall somewhere in the middle, given the fact that I will not be seeing my significant other this year, but I still want to do something special for him. So here are some ways to still make Valentine’s Day special if you’re in a long-distance relationship and cannot see your boyfriend or girlfriend on Feb. 14.

1. Send them cute letters leading up to Valentine’s Day reminding them how much you care.

Whether you tell them a joke, write something you love about them, or draw them a silly picture, it will make their day knowing you thought about them.

2. Have a Skype date.

Make it as legit as possible. Get dressed up and spend the evening as if you were together in person.

3. Watch a romantic movie over the phone.

Curl up on the couch in your comfiest sweats (because they’re not going to see you anyways!) and watch a movie together. Even if you don’t talk much it’ll still feel like you’re with each other.

4. Plan a real Valentine’s Day celebration for the next time you see each other.

Who says you can’t pretend it’s February 14th on April 23rd? The next time you and your significant other are together, do something special for each other and be as cheesy as you want.

5. Take the day for yourself.

Since you’re not going to see your boyfriend or girlfriend, use the day as an excuse to appreciate yourself. Buy yourself chocolates and flowers, and relax for the day.

6. Surprise them by decorating their dorm.

Recruit your significant other’s roommates to dec out their room in Valentine’s Day decorations and Venmo them later for their efforts. Your significant other will be so surprised and excited to see how much effort you put in.

7. Send them something homemade.

Whether it’s delicious homemade treats or a thoughtful card, your valentine will appreciate the personal touch you put into it.

8. Send them surprise tickets to visit you on Valentine’s Day.

Although this is a more expensive option, nothing would make them happier than getting to see you!

9. Send them a photo collage of your favorite memories.

Remind them of all the good times you’ve had and all the great moments yet to come.

10. Surprise them by showing up on their doorstep!

Obviously, getting to see you on Valentine’s Day is the best gift you can give your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, sometimes it’s not always possible, which is okay, but major props to you if you can make it happen.

11. Don’t celebrate.

This seems like an aggressive note to end on, but I mean it in a good light. Who really needs Valentine’s Day to prove your love for someone? Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every day not just February 14th. (I’m barfing at my words here too).

So if you absolutely love Valentine’s Day, or you utterly loathe it, this list will help you get through it if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

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