100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much

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100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much

100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much

100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much: There are more than 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband that gives me countless reasons to smile.

Some things make you love your husband so much.

Today I am going to put down 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much and I am delighted to share it with you again.

100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much

1. He likes to kiss me. – and when he does, his kiss just makes my knees week.

2. He allows me to give a detailed explanation of something – He does not cut me short when I speak, he gives me time to speak and his work is to listen. By listening, I feel like I am in control.

3. He allows me to make mistakes without complaining.

4. He always assures me with this feeling that the best is still ahead.

5. He always calls when he is thinking about me

6. He always ensures my car is in good driving condition

7. He always greets me with a Kiss

Why do i love my husband so much

8. He always has the best advice.

9. He always inspires me

10. He always opens the door for me

11. He always pulls the chair for me

12. He always put things together for me

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13. He always remembers our special days.

14. He always surprises me with amazing gifts

15. He always tells me how much he loves me

16. He always wants us to own a home

17. He builds my daughters self-esteem

18. He buys me fashionable clothes that I cannot even afford

19. He challenges me to be a better person

20. He defends what he believes in

21. He enjoys a variety of food

22. He enjoys conversation

23. He enjoys my meals

24. He enjoys nature

25. He ensures the compound is always clean

26. He hardly ever complains about life

27. He has a great taste in things

Reasons i love my husband

28. He has a passion for music

29. He has beautiful eyes

30. He has believed in me like no one ever has

31. He has big dreams for Us

32. He has made me who I am today

33. He has the most unbelievable eyes

34. He is a good leader

35. He is always by my side

36. He is always there for me

37. He is an influencer

38. He is an organized person.

39. He is caring

40. He is competitive

41. He is good looking.

42. He is great at his job

43. He is hardworking

44. He is irresistible

45. He is kind to animals

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46. He is loving

47. He is never boring

48. He is passionate about life

49. He is a positive person.

50. He is sarcastic

51. He is sharp

52. He is strong

53. He is sweet and romantic.

54. He is the father of my children

55. He is very funny

56. He is very responsible

57. He lets me be myself when I am with him

58. He lets me have my space.

59. He listens to me

60. He loves a good book

61. He loves camping

62. He loves his family

63. He loves me and the children with all his heart

64. He loves me the way I am

65. He loves nature

66. He loves people

67. He loves traveling with me, together we have become tourists

68. He makes me feel wanted

69. He makes me smile

70. He makes me feel like I have never felt before

71. He makes me want more kisses

72. He never gives up

73. He never leaves without a goodbye kiss

74. He protects me

75. He protects my kids

76. He pursues my heart

77. He puts the family first

78. He reads me

79. He says things that blow my mind away

80. He spoils me

81. He surprises me with romantic getaways

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82. He takes my pain away

83. He touches my soul

84. He treats me with respect.

85. He trusts me

86. He understands me better

87. He wakes up early

88. He will do almost everything to make me happy.

89. He will randomly help me in the kitchen

90. He will try anything

91. He’s a wonderful father.

92. His cuddles make me feel like I am at home

93. His hugs are the best

94. I love his confidence in himself.

95. I love his crazy sense of humor.

96. I love that he asks my advice

97. I love the way he holds me tight

98. I love the way he looks at me.

99. I trust him with my emotions

100. When I am with him, I forget everything –  Everything else in my life does not matter,

These are the 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband So Much

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