10 Wedding Shower Ideas That Are Funny, Unique, And Actually Enjoyable

10 Wedding Shower Ideas That Are Funny, Unique, And Actually Enjoyable

10 Wedding Shower Ideas That Are Funny, Unique, And Actually Enjoyable

Let’s be real: wedding showers are not the most fun thing you get to do as a woman. Don’t get me wrong, other parts of weddings are a good time — I’m not a total marriage Scrooge. The bachelorette party is fun, the wedding itself is fun, even being able to help your friend go through her tough wedding moments can be fun — but the wedding shower? Eh, not so much. No matter how many mimosas are served or how good the food is, something usually seems to just fall flat. Actually, the only thing that is really worse than a wedding shower is a baby shower, and that’s saying a lot.

So, if you have to throw a bridal shower for a friend or family member, why not try to make things a little bit more fun? There’s no reason everyone should be bored and counting down the minutes until things are over! The Internet is full of amazing bridal shower ideas, along with fun products to buy to make games more interesting and less cliche. You may as well take advantage of it.

Not sure where to start? These 10 funny and unique wedding shower ideas will keep people busy and are fun enough to help them forget what they’re really doing. And even if you don’t do these exact things, they may just spark another idea — and then, you should share that with me.

1. Have a ridiculous scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be fun if they’re done correctly, and this is a good idea if you don’t have a huge group at your party. You can make it more fun by having people look for ridiculous and silly items, and setting up some funny tips.

2. Have everyone play wedding Mad Libs

Remember how much fun Mad Libs were when you played them when you were a kid? They can still be that fun now! You can buy Mad Libs already made from Etsy (like these), or you can create your own. Most people are sure to come up with some hilarious responses, and then you can read them out loud if you want.

3. Play wedding vow Mad Libs

Take the Mad Libs idea one step further by using them to create the bride’s wedding vows. Pick the funniest ones, and have the bride read them out loud. You can buy these on Etsy, or create your own.

4. Have a wedding shower based on the bride’s favorite TV show

This Friends-themed wedding shower is genius. Copy this girl’s idea (whatever, it’s fine!), or come up with something equally clever and fun for your friend’s favorite show or movie.

5. Have everyone write down their favorite memory of the couple

This idea from Pinterest is cute and different. Instead of having everyone play a game, have everyone write down in a book how they knew the couple was going to end up getting married. This is sure to produce some funny stories.

6. Give out funny advice cards to be filled out

These are kind of a bridal shower staple, but make yours funnier and a little bit different by using some like these from Etsy. It’s even beneficial for the bride!

7. Play Cads About Matrimony

Think of this game as the marriage version of Cards Against Humanity. And, just a word of advice, only play this if your guests have a sense of humor. This is definitely a different way to spend a wedding shower.

8. Tell the bride what NOT to do

Instead of giving her advice on what to do during her marriage, give her advice on what NOT to do. Much more helpful, and also, sure to produce some funny quotes. You can buy these from Etsy, or make your own.

9. Throw a carnival-themed bridal shower

This idea from Brooklyn Bride looks like so much fun! It also looks really different. How many people do you know who have had a carnival-themed wedding shower?

10. Play the toilet paper wedding dress game

Yes, it’s a classic, and yes, it gets played a lot, but it’s also pretty amusing. Everyone can have fun doing something traditional, and it will still be hilarious.

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