10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics

10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics

10 Unknown Traits & Characteristics

How does a Libra male behave when he falls in love? What are the signs that can tell you if he really loves you? What characteristics and personality traits does the Libra man exhibit when he is interested in someone? What secrets can astrology reveal us about the heart of the man born under the Libra zodiac sign? If you are looking for answers to these questions, here are a few unique traits in the behavior of the Libra man when he is in love that you need to know about.

1. The Libra man needs time to be sure of his feelings of love

The Libra man is notorious for being indecisive. He has a hard time making important life decisions and choices. Often suffering from a sense of entitlement to have the best that there could ever be, he likes to have multiple choices before him to finally discover what serves his highest good. He is keenly observing every move of his love interest even before he has expressed his feelings to her. He likes to make an informed choice rather than a hasty one that may cost him a hefty price in the near future. But once he has made up his mind and chosen the love of his life, he would travel great heights in order to take things to the next level.

2. He is looking for a woman to complete him

The Libra man is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses because of his excellent ability to judge a situation and arrive at the most diplomatic conclusion to a problem. He can basically analyze objectively keeping his emotions at bay. He suffers from a tendency of over thinking and expecting everyone to listen to all that he has to say. All he is looking for is the one who is gracious and open- minded to take things as they come and assure him of her presence lifelong.

3. He looks for a perfect balance in a relationship

The Libra men are quite intolerant of those who operate in the extremes. There is a limit to the drama they can possibly handle. The Libra male is on the lookout for a woman who can bring in harmony to situations just like he does. He detests confrontations and conflict. Anything that he feels is unfair will be dealt with tactfulness to reach a stage that appears more just and works in favor of the majority. In love, he will always work hard to achieve that sense of harmony, expecting his partner to support him and cooperate with him in his endeavors.

4. He is a hopeless romantic

The Libra man knows how to make moments memorable when he has given his heart to his lady love. This flirtatious zodiac sign knows the best tricks and tips to woo the opposite gender as he is naturally inclined to give in to the temptations of intense sexual energy. When he falls for someone, all his energies are diverted to make her the center of his world. There is no element of surprise in his sincerity of emotions when he buys you flowers, remember the littlest details you have shared with him, spends more time with you, organizes candlelit dinners and randomly surprises you with gifts.

5. A Libra male in love is faithful and devoted

He loves too hard when he has finally arrived at his destination. He is a caring and compassionate man who is a keeper of sorts. If one has mastered the art of being patient, he is the best lover that one could have. He wants to make sure that his image is well maintained as he has high expectations of himself. This is tied to the choice of his life partner too. He is looking for a relationship that feels perfect to him and also the world around. He is soft- spoken and constantly looking for ways and means to keep his relationship free from chaos. There is no way in which he would jeopardize the relationship that means so much to him.

6. He wants to feel special

The Libra man suffers from an attention seeking disorder. He is looking for validity everywhere. He drives himself beyond his boundaries to be the person that everyone loves. This makes him a pushover. In love, he needs to feel desired. He is searching for someone who can accept him for who he is rather than who he is capable of being. He wants someone to spoil him, to be his confidante, someone who could inspire him to be the best version of himself.

7. He makes the woman he loves an important part of his life

While the Libra man has an uncanny ability to make everyone happy, he is a bit different around the person he loves. He is an admirer of beauty and aesthetics. If you have smitten him, he treats you like an art, he worships you and adores everything that you are. You stand out from the crowd and he feels proud to show you off to the world. He wants to solve your problems and make sure that your are safe and protected from all evils. He trusts you with all his heart and would bring home the sun, moon and stars.

8. Sex with him is tender

Your Libra guy isn’t an aggressive lover. He likes to take things slow. Sex with him involves a high level of mental stimulation than just a physical one. Being an air sign, he could just blurt out everything that there is in his heart when he makes love to his partner. He will charm you to a tee till you can no longer keep your hands off him. He would do everything in his knowledge to pleasure you and also would expect to be pleasured back in return. He upholds the principle of equality on a high pedestal even in between the sheets. So, there are no excuses until he has satisfied you to the fullest and vice versa.

9. He dreams about a family

When the Libra male has started showing his interest in someone, he has already built castles in the air. Though he is accused of being an irresistible charmer, he dreams about his perfect lover. He wears his heart on his sleeve, is a diehard romantic who wishes to get married someday. He doesn’t play dirty when he has found the one. There is a sense of incompleteness that bothers him till he has discovered his lasting love. So, he is on an untiring quest to find the woman he knows is deserving of his love.

10. He can swiftly move on

It is a bad idea to leave the Libra man unattended or ignored for a long time. He is a people’s person and replacing an infidel won’t take him a long time. He won’t settle for something that doesn’t make him happy and compromising on his well being is a far cry for this dynamic sign of the zodiac. He has a hard time trusting someone with his life and if he smells deceit and lies, he would leave at the speed of lightning, never entertaining excuses ever again.


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