10 Thanksgiving Activities for the Entire Family

10 Thanksgiving Activities for the Entire Family

10 Thanksgiving Activities for the Entire Family

We’re going to assume you have the big Thanksgiving meal covered. Whether you’re celebrating with family and friends, or keeping it small this year–you’ve planned your menu and ordered your turkey. But there’s more to the day than enjoying a meal. We’ve pulled together a list to keep you busy before the bird comes out of the oven and long after the last dish is washed!

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1. Take a Post-Meal Walk

The simplest of activities just might be our favorite. After you’ve enjoyed second and thirds, grab the family and your walking shoes for a trip around the neighborhood. You might be tempted to go full “food coma” on the couch, but this will be good for your body and soul. Bundle up and enjoy the Christmas lights that surely a few neighbors couldn’t wait any longer to put up!

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Celebrate the day beyond the dinner table.

2. Play a Board Game

The day is about family. Rather than get lost in your phones or in the latest Netflix series, huddle up for some good ole fashioned fun. Whether you opt for a classic like Monopoly or a modern twist on charades with Guesstures. We know you’ll have a good laugh.

3. Video Chat with Family

This year is different. And for many, we know Grandma and Grandpa may not be able to be physically present. Schedule a time for a video chat and check on the ones you love.

4. Give Thanks at the Table

After plates are filled and prayers are said. Work your way around the table allowing everyone to share what they’re thankful for. If you have little ones in the family, we guarantee you’re in for a treat with what’s on their hearts.

5. Get Creative with Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Sure, at first read this may lean towards a kid-activity. But it’s 2021, and adult coloring books are very much a thing. Print some holiday-themed coloring pages in advance and set up a little coloring station. This is another great way to bring everyone together in a screen-free environment.

6. Craft a Family Tree

We’re not suggesting you go all Ancestry.com (although how cool is that), but pulling together a creative visual is great fun on a day that is rooted in family. It’s also a nice way to remember the loved ones who can’t be with us on the day.

7. Create a Tree of Thanks

While we’re crafting, take those ideas shared around the dinner table and added them to a “Tree of Thanks”. Give it prominent real estate in your home as a subtle reminder of all that’s important on the most challenging of days.

8. Play Parade Bingo

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is full throttle as a television-only event this year. Cuddle up with coffee, hot chocolate, and these printable Bingo cards. Pro tip: This is a great way to entertain kids while the adults are working in the kitchen.

9. Watch Your First Official Christmas Movie

After the final dish has been washed, cuddle up on the couch to officially welcome the Christmas season. From White Christmas to Elf, choose a favorite Christmas movie that brings folks together to unwind from the festivities.

10. Start a Grateful Jar

And finally, the day may be over, but you can continue the momentum of giving thanks by leaving a jar on the kitchen counter. Encourage family members to fill it with notes about what they are thankful in the days and weeks to come. Reach in and read a few on the days that get you down–it’s an instant mood booster and reminder of what’s really important in life.

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