10 picture books to make your Valentine’s Day sweeter

10 picture books to make your Valentine's Day sweeter

10 picture books to make your Valentine’s Day sweeter


Seven of our 10 recommended picture books to help you have a sweeter Valentine’s Day. (HarperCollins, Puffin Books, Aladdin Paperback, Harper N. Abrams Publishers)

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THE LOVE BOAT – It’s February, a holiday is coming, and people tend to get pretty mixed up about it. No, this is not Presidents Day.

While some are baking all the hearts and making reservations at a trendy restaurant, others are trying to be unobtrusively single while secretly burning pictures of their exes.

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s a great time of year to celebrate our love for our fellow citizens, whether it’s a romantic partner, a niece or nephew, or the lovely old man who greets you at Walmart every week.

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most innocuous and endearing way possible, read these 10 heartwarming children’s books with your favorite miniature Valentine’s Day.

"I already love you!" Jory John and Benji Davis“I love you already!” Jory John and Benji Davis (Photo: HarperCollins)

As an introvert with many extroverted friends, this book is so relevant and awesome. It’s a story about opposites attracting, starring Bear, who just wants to spend a peaceful day alone, and Duck, who desperately wants to spend a fun-filled day with Bear. Follow the misadventures of these two unlikely friends as they discover what matters most to them – each other.

"country mouse country mouse" Jane Brett“Town Mouse Country Mouse” by Jan Brett (Photo: Puffin Books)

OK, so this isn’t your traditional Valentine’s Day book, but it reads like a love letter to the place where we’re rooted. This interesting story tells of two pairs of mice – one living in a townhouse and the other in the country. When the couple got tired of the same old ways, they decided to change places. The city mouse chooses the simple country life, while the country mouse dreams of fetching some cheese from the pantry with its paws. It’s just that the townspeople find that the country is not that simple and requires some keen survival skills. And country mice don’t realize that sometimes cheese is paired with a mousetrap. Join these mice and let them learn that there is no place like home.

"love monster" by Rachel Bright“Love Monster” by Rachel Bright (Photo: Harper Collins Children’s Books)

In a world full of cute, fluffy kittens, puppies, and bunnies, it’s not easy being a fun-looking monster. But this stubborn monster is determined to find love no matter how hard he tries – and he has to work harder than most. Finally, he learned that sometimes we don’t have to look for love, because love finds us.

"someone loves you mr hatch" Erin Spinelli“Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch” by Eileen Spinelli (Photo: Aladdin Paperback)

Mr. Hatch is probably the most boring person in the world. He works in a shoelace factory and eats cheese and mustard sandwiches every day. He goes to bed early. He ordered plums for dessert. Most importantly, he never smiles. But on Valentine’s Day, he received a special package along with a simple note that said “someone loves you”.

Mr Hatch didn’t know who his secret admirers were, but this note changed everything. He started wearing brighter colors, smiling at everyone he touched, reaching out to those around him, and sharing chocolate cake and lemonade with kids in the neighborhood. This book teaches important lessons about life-changing little acts of kindness.

"bear in love" Daniel Pinkwater“Bear in Love” by Daniel Pinkwater (Photo: Candlewick Press)

One morning, while the bear was foraging, he found another delicious treat left for him by another forest animal. It made him feel special. Soon, he and his special exchanged snacks anonymously until they were finally able to meet, cementing that special bond that nothing brings more than food.

Planting a Kiss by Amy Klaus Rosenthal

"plant a kiss" Amy Claus Rosenthal“Plant a Kiss” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Photo: HarperCollins)

If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s books, you absolutely need to. This whimsical, clever book tells a fascinating story about spreading love and being unafraid to share in relatively few words.

"It's not Valentine's Day" by Carter Higgins“It’s Not Valentine’s Day” by Carter Higgins (Photo: Chronicle Books)

This very cute book is for all the elementary school kids who pretend not to have a crush while pretending to be a romantic gesture. In this story, a boy gives him Valentine’s gifts all day long, claiming they are not Valentine’s Day gifts. In the end, he couldn’t hide his love.

"In My Mind: A Book of Emotions" Joe Witke“In My Heart: A Book of Feelings” by Jo Witek (Photo: Harry N. Abrams)

A girl, her heart, her many feelings. This book is full of interesting illustrations and wonderful descriptions of the countless different feelings we experience in our daily lives. This is a great way to help your child be mindful and recognize that it is normal to feel sad, happy, brave, hurt, shy, etc. at times. Mr. Rogers would be proud that this book was the beginning of a dialogue between parents and children.

"snowy valentine" David Peterson“Snowflake Valentine” by David Peterson (Photo: Harper)

It’s Valentine’s Day and Jasper Bunny really saves things to the last minute. He didn’t know what to buy for his wife Lily. He started getting ideas from his neighbors in the snow, but nothing seemed to be wrong. It’s only after walking a long way that Jasper finds himself inadvertently creating the most beautiful gift for his sweet Valentine’s Day.

"Roses are pink and your feet stink" Diane DeGroot“The roses are pink and your feet really stink” by Diane de Groat (Photo: HarperCollins)

Gilbert’s teacher asked him to write a love letter for each class member, but that didn’t mean he had to write all the good ones. Two people in his class had wronged him, and Gilbert couldn’t think of anything good to write to them. So instead, he wrote nasty Valentine’s Day and signed the wrong name so they wouldn’t find out it was him. Of course, the truth is, Valentine’s Day has been a bit of a roller coaster for Gilbert.

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