10 Great Ideas for Bridal Shower Cakes

10 Great Ideas for Bridal Shower Cakes

10 Great Ideas for Bridal Shower Cakes

Weddings are an important part of any person’s life. They mark a major milestone in life and show your undying love for your partner. Whether you are 18 or 87, you should celebrate your plans of marriage with a bridal shower. And what are bridal showers without bridal shower cakes? Cakes are a great symbol of love and are a delicious treat for you and your guests. We have compiled a list of 10 great ideas for bridal shower cakes so you can have a beautiful centerpiece at your bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Cakes FAQs


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1. What Makes a Cake a Bridal Shower Cake?

From the outside, bridal shower cakes really do look like just another cake. What makes it special is the meaning behind the cake. This cake is a representation of your future and a special centerpiece for your bridal shower. 

2. Why Should You Have a Cake at Your Bridal Shower?

Having cake at your bridal shower is part of tradition. It is a way to symbolize your love and desire to be with your partner for years to come. It is also a great way to satisfy hungry guests.

3. Is It Just for Dessert? 

No! Bridal shower cakes are foreshadowing elements to the cake you will have on your actual wedding day. They are a symbol of what is to come, while also being a tasty dessert.

4. Where Can You Buy Bridal Shower Cakes? 

There are tons of bakeries both online and in your hometown that will be able to provide you with a bridal shower cake.

How We Reviewed


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To make sure we got an accurate review of the best bridal shower cakes, we spent a great deal of time compiling a list of styles. Once we had this list, we went over the features, pros, cons, toothsomeness, and suitability for each style. We then reviewed the entire list and came up with a final verdict on the best ideas for bridal shower cakes.

Overall Price Range of Bridal Shower Cakes

Overall Price Range of Bridal Shower Cakes

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The price of bridal shower cakes will vary greatly depending on where you are, what bakery you get it from, and how much cake you need. The more cake, the higher the price tag. Talk with your local bakery, or check estimated online prices, to see how much your ideal bridal shower cake will cost.

What We Reviewed

  • Rustic And Romantic
  • Chocolate Roses
  • Naked Frosting Cake
  • Necco Wafer Bridal Shower Cake
  • Metallic Gold Ikat Bridal Shower Cake
  • Fresh Berry Bridal Shower Cake
  • Draped Gift Box Bridal Shower Cake
  • Dressed In Pearls
  • Dainty Lace
  • Tiffany Inspired

Rustic and Romantic cake theme

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If you are planning an outdoor wedding with lots of rustic vibes, you may want to check out this bridal shower cake. It is simple yet beautiful. A great choice for a rustic style bridal shower.

  • Is simple and adorable
  • Can be made at home or at a bakery
  • Has great flavors 
  • Not elegant in the modern terms
  • Only fits a certain style of wedding


Has a delicious cream cheese filling between an Italian cream cake and a chocolate cake. It is all topped with American butter cream. 


This is a great choice for a rustic, outdoor style bridal showers or for someone who loves for things to look a little more vintage.


To add some variety to your bridal shower cake, try a large center cake and tons of miniature cupcakes for your guests. These cupcakes have elegant roses on them that are as gorgeous as they are delicious

  • Combines cakes and cupcakes
  • Cupcakes have roses on them
  • Has a lot of versatility available
  • Center cake is quite simple and may not stand out next to the roses
  • Cupcakes may take away from the idea of a bridal shower cake


The great thing about this idea is that you can have a variety of flavors. Rather than picking one cake option for your guests, you can have a mixed variety of cupcake flavors that will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.


This is a suitable idea for any bridal shower. Your center cake can be anything you would like, and the color of the chocolate roses can easily be altered to fit your theme.

The naked frosting cake is a great way to avoid all the sugary sweetness that comes with frosting while still keeping the cake decadent. This cake is set with a vintage tea party theme but could also work for a number of other themes. It is simple, cost-effective, and incredibly beautiful for your special day.

This cake is a fun way to add some color to your cake. With wafers adorning the sides, you can dip them in different colors to showcase your bridal shower colors. They also add a fun crunch to your dessert.

The Metallic Gold Ikat bridal shower cake is a gorgeous cake with lots of glimmer. Its metallic effects make it look as though the cake is covered in real gold. This is a great cake for a high-class themed bridal shower.

For a bridal shower cake that is extra fresh, try the Fresh Berry Bridal Shower Cake. This cake is overflowing with fresh fruit and is a great way to bring both texture and color to your cake.

If you want a cake that fools the eye, take a look at the Draped Gift Box Bridal Shower Cake. This incredible work of art makes it look as though it is three wrapped gifts stacked on top of each other. Without close inspection, it would be hard to believe that those presents were edible.

This simple cake is laced in decadent pearls to bring a feminine sense of beauty to your bridal shower. It is simple, eloquent, and most certainly beautiful.

If you are searching for a delicate cake, try the Dainty Lace cake. With an intricate floral design, this cake is covered top to bottom with edible lace. This is a terrific way to bring subtle beauty to your bridal shower.

For a cake with a little more fun, flare, and sass, look at the Tiffany Inspired bridal shower cake. Made to look like a Tiffany & Co. box, this cake is a great way to bring smiles to your guests’ faces with a recognizable item.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. This is your special occasion and you should pick the style of cake that represents you and your partner the best. These are all great styles of bridal shower cakes, and could be easily customized to fit your theme. Try something exciting or stick to tradition. Whatever you do, enjoy your bridal shower, and your wedding, with a delicious slice of cake. 

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